VALORANT Patch 4.07 adds significant lore to Shooting Range, giving more hints about upcoming agent

Spooky things are happening in the Shooting Range.

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VALORANT players can learn more about the game’s upcoming agent in the Shooting Range now since Patch 4.07 has added an extensive audio message, a new prison cell, and more information in Brimstone’s office. 

Patch 4.07 is now live and has brought several updates to the Shooting Range, with the most notable being Cypher’s office and a prison cell in the basement. Players can listen to an audio message featuring KAY/O, Cypher, Neon, Sova, Breach, and Chamber trying to capture the assailant that has been harassing the agents for months. When Sova is isolated from the team, things go sideways, forcing Neon and Cypher to venture into a warehouse and office to help. 

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Spooky noises and sounds can be heard in the message and KAY/O points out that Neon and Cypher’s heart rates are elevated. Both agents mention not being able to see and Breach claims he can’t move at a certain point. The team can be heard fighting what sounds like monsters and they eventually chase the target outside. KAY/O jumps from an aircraft and uses his ultimate to stun the assailant, which is revealed to be a woman and a radiant. 

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The new character is almost guaranteed to be the new agent and more information can be found in the basement. A new email on Brimstone’s laptop confirms the team captured an independent target that is “currently being detained,” and a new cell can be found further down the basement hallway. Entering Brimstone’s office causes the screen to turn black as if you’re hit with a debuff, which is likely one of the new agent’s abilities. 

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A new recording from Phoenix also mentions scary things happening around the base. The teams have experienced flickering lights, cold door handles, and other phenomena. Cypher and Brimstone have also been having secret meetings, which seems to cause the scary events to happen. 

The prison cell is completely dark, but this might change in a future update. Scary noises can also be heard when walking around the basement, making it slightly nerve-wracking to explore alone. 

VALORANT fans will likely learn more about the mysterious new agent and their abilities soon. 


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