Chamber makes VCT debut throughout day one of Europe’s Open Qualifier

The French sentinel makes his VCT debut in 2022.

Image via Riot Games

The French sentinel Chamber, VALORANT’s second newest agent, made his official debut in the VALORANT Champions Circuit yesterday with the VCT Open Qualifiers kicking off the 2022 season.

The French agent was picked multiple times on day one of the EMEA Open Qualifiers leading up to Challengers One in February, according to

Image via Riot Games

The EMEA VCT Open Qualifiers are divided between the three regions of CIS, Europe, and Turkey. They’ll eventually come together to compete for the EMEA slots for VCT Masters.

As is tradition for open brackets, the skill disparity between some teams, especially in the early bracket stages, is quite significant. As a result, the majority of Chamber picks came from teams who mostly play in tier-three or tier-four tournaments.

Two of the more established teams who opted to use the gentleman assassin were Team Heretics and KOVA. Heretics, who surprisingly went out on day one of the open qualifier, managed to dominate their first opponents, Raftel, when captain Christian “lowel” Garcia Antoran picked Chamber on Breeze. Meanwhile, KOVA’s Hampus “Supmah” Svensson did the same when he brought the sentinel out on Breeze in a one-sided affair against a team called Testers.

So far, Chamber has seen a good amount of play in the VCT Open Qualifier compared to the initial expectation that he may only be used occasionally. And while only two of the more established names picked the agent, it’s possible more teams have found a way to use his skills on certain map picks, possibly Breeze.

For now, fans of competitive VALORANT can continue to follow the European Open Qualifier as it enters the round-of-64 on day two. The VCT Stage One Challengers Circuit will begin on Feb. 11.