Are VALORANT beta keys still dropping?

The closed beta is in full swing.

Image via Riot Games

Everyone is talking about VALORANT

The closed beta for Riot’s five-vs-five tactical shooter has got off to a mammoth start. Its already broken records on Twitch, reaching 1.7 million concurrent viewers on day one, totaling 34 million hours watched. 

The beta is in full swing and is expected to continue until the game launches in summer 2020. At the moment, the only way to get access to the beta, unless you’re a streamer, content creator, or a member of the press, is to sit, wait, and watch a stream for hours (and maybe days) on end.

Riot has collaborated with Twitch to bring its new game to the masses and hand out beta access in the form of drops. All fans have to do is create a Riot account, link it to their Twitch account, and watch specific streams on the platform. 

The beta is reserved for players from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia, and Turkey, but Riot plans to expand to Asia, Africa, and South America in the weeks and months to come.

On Tuesday, April 7, Riot temporarily paused beta drops to give its servers some rest. Since then, drops have been enabled, and it looks like they’ll stay that way—for now.

VALORANT beta key drop status

Beta key drops are currently available.

If you’re not sure if VALORANT beta drops are available, load up Twitch, find a streamer playing the game, and look for the “Drops Enabled” tag. If it says enabled, you’re good to go. Or click here to see the full list of streamers with drops enabled.

Screengrab via Twitch

Riot has been transparent with beta drops and has been regularly updating its fans on Twitter. If beta drops are disabled for any reason, Riot will announce it.

This article will be updated if and when the status of VALORANT beta drops changes.