All VALORANT streams on Twitch can drop closed beta access now


Image via Riot Games

Starting today, any Twitch channel streaming VALORANT can drop closed beta access to its viewers, Riot Games announced today. Previously, only select streams had the ability to drop beta access.

The developers did note that this does not mean there will be more drops. The number of drops will remain the same, but it gives the ability to any VALORANT streamer to drop access.

While drops are not turned on by default, any streamer can enable them in the Twitch console. All they have to do is click ‘Drops,’ create a Drops Campaign and enable the campaign.

Riot said it also manually gave access to “a few thousand of the most engaged VALORANT stream viewers.” Additionally, the developers reaffirmed they are preparing to increase server capacity even more after their initial 25 percent increase April 10.

The date of the server capacity increase was not revealed, and Riot said it is still learning server load management through its beta.