Riot increases VALORANT beta server capacity by 25 percent

Be patient, everyone.

Image via Riot Games

People seem to really like VALORANT and Riot is responding to its popularity.

The game developer and publisher said it has increased VALORANT’s closed beta server capacity by 25 percent and is “tracking down more internet,” hinting at an even greater increase.

Riot also said drops are happening around the clock and since they work when you’re offline, there’s no need to stay up in the wee hours of the morning simply to get a drop. Some users have claimed they’ve watched more than 50 hours of VALORANT content, so Riot is likely speaking to those people.

As the first partial week of the beta comes to close, it would be hard to argue that VALORANT’s beta launch hasn’t been a success. Millions tuned in to kick off the week and thousands are still clamoring to gain access.

Over the next few weeks, several community events will take place, including content creator invitationals hosted by 100 Thieves and T1 on April 14 and 16, respectively.