A VALORANT bug is causing players to be placed in lower ranks

Be careful in your placement match.

Image via Riot Games

A new VALORANT bug is causing players to be incorrectly placed in ranks after completing their placement match in Episode Two, Act Three. 

The new act introduced a lot of content today for players to enjoy. But it also brought with it a significant bug that impacts the ranking system. Players who have completed their placement match to get their new rank have reported receiving a much lower rank than expected. 

Some players dropped from Immortal to Gold, which is a considerable dip in rank. This is a major problem since high-level players would be forced to grind back to their rank, while lower-ranked players will be significantly outmatched. 

Riot Games is aware of the issue and has already introduced a fix for players who have not played their placements yet. The developers are still working on a solution for players who already received a lower rank. 

Act Three introduced Breeze, the new tropical map designed for long-range fights. Players can enjoy the map in the new 24/7 queue, which will be available for two weeks. Act Three also added a new battle pass with dozens of cosmetic items. A new coach slot is available in tournament custom games as well, adding an exciting element to competitive matches. 

Players who have not played their placement match yet should be fine and will likely receive an appropriate ranking. Those who are affected by the bug, however, will need to wait for Riot to address the problem. 

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