How to fix ‘server under maintenance’ in Tower of Fantasy

It might not be release o'clock for you just yet.

Image via Hotta Games

Tower of Fantasy is slowly rolling out around the world. The game is going live at different times in different time zones to ensure the servers can handle the demand.

Players have been able to pre-load Tower of Fantasy to prepare for its launch, but a wild error appearing after the installation process may make you wonder whether you have done something wrong. If you have encountered the “server under maintenance” error after installing the game on your platform of choice, you won’t be able to launch it.

How can you fix the ‘server under maintenance’ in Tower of Fantasy?

At time of writing, the “server under maintenance” error appears to players in regions where the game hasn’t been released yet. Players encountering the error will need to wait until Tower of Fantasy gets released in their region.

You can check the specific release time of Tower of Fantasy for your region on the game’s official website. The countdown on the main page will be different depending on players’ regions, and if the countdown is still ticking, that means the game’s servers are currently offline in your region.

In the meantime, players can check out Tower of Fantasy on Twitch since players in regions where the game is released will be sharing their experience. If Tower of Fantasy is released in your region but you’re still experiencing the “server under maintenance” error, you can restart your router and check in with players from your region to see if there’s a regional server outage.