All characters and simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy

Get to know who you might be playing in the new MMO.

Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, which is part of Tencent Games.

With elements that should please Genshin Impact players and a world that combines elements of sci-fi and fantasy, fans are looking forward to the new release. Already a hit in China, where it came out in 2021, the game is now coming to Western servers.

The world of Aida, all across the galaxy, is where humans who fled a devastated Earth decided to settle in the past. But their greed brought an apocalyptic event known as the Omnium Cataclysm onto the alien planet. Now, players get to explore what is left of the land and attempt to restore it to its usual glory and prosperity.

A variety of environments, such as snow and desert, will be familiar to most MMORPG players, but everything in Tower of Fantasy comes with a sci-fi, futuristic, and post-apocalyptic twist. That includes the game’s characters, as well as the simulacra—all also heavily influenced by fantasy and anime aesthetics.

Because the August release date is just around the corner, fans might be looking forward to choosing who they will play with. And fortunately, Level Infinite has unveiled some information. Here are all the playable characters released with Tower of Fantasy.

All characters and simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy

The Simulacrum is a facility in the game, a place where you can purchase weapons called “Simulacra” through the game’s gacha system. These simulacra work like a mix of skins and new characters entirely: upon accessing them, you embody ancient heroes and get to use their abilities and weapons. They can’t be purchased directly, as you need to depend on luck, and they can’t be obtained for free either.

There are currently four characters and eight simulacra set to debut with Tower of Fantasy on its Western release—and what Level Infinite had to say about each of them, when available.

All Tower of Fantasy characters


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

After undergoing modifications by the Heirs of Aida, Shirli is transformed into the Angel of Clemency known as Nemesis. Usually quiet and introverted, she turns into a merciless killing machine when under the Heirs’ mind control.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

Shirli is the upbeat and outgoing sister of Zeke, leader of the Astra Shelter. Her outgoing nature gets her into minor trouble sometimes but her energetic smile is an encouraging sight for many.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

Zeke is the powerful leader of Astra Shelter who is incredibly protective of his sister, Shirli.

All Tower of Fantasy simulacra


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

Cocoritter’s unconditional trust in everyone she meets can lead to concern. But existing with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing talents.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

His optimistic and happy nature means that no fun things escape Crow’s reach. He can show you some mesmerizing dagger tricks, his pride-and-joy dagger collection, or spit out a lame joke at a moment’s notice.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

Used to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence, King is completely motivated by money; and his brash attitude and flamboyant clothes are strong indicators of his personality.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

A senior Hykros executor who excels at S-level missions with her sword and combat skills, Meryl adopts a cool approach and it’s hard to know what’s really on her mind.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

A Hykros executor who acts independently and loves to play harmless tricks on others, Samir is quite liked among the elite executors.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

Known as “a lone-wolf ocean maniac” who is passionate about studying the ocean and its features, Shiro has been traveling alone and studying the ocean distribution for several years and contributes significantly to humankind’s understanding of Aida.


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite


Image via Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

A computer genius who has deliberately–and effectively–destroyed all records of his real name and past, Zero is smart, very competitive, and ignores anything he sees as meaningless to him.

Some characters, like Bai Ling, Mi-A, and Pepper, have also been teased on Tower of Fantasy’s Twitter account in English. But they are nowhere to be seen in the character trailer that was released.