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A site in The Planet Crafter.
Image via Miju Games

All The Planet Crafter console commands and cheats

Crafting planets with console commands in more fun anyway.

The Planet Crafter offers a vast world to explore, but sometimes you might want a little nudge to progress faster with console commands or cheats.

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While the core gameplay experience can keep you busy for tens of hours, there will eventually come a time when you’ll want to automate certain processes to reduce the grind. Just imagine how quickly you can make a Jetpack or the Screen – Progress if you can just give yourself the ingredients instantly. Teleporting and spawning certain items in The Planet Crafter can help you free up quite a bit of time, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Are there console commands in The Planet Crafter?

Buildings in The Planet Crafter.
It’s all fun and games until you start busting out commands. Image via Miju Games

No, The Planet Crafter doesn’t offer console commands in the vanilla version of the game. However, you can install a console command mod and unlock these functionalities.

Though there isn’t built-in support for mods in the game, mods do an excellent job covering everything necessary.

How to unlock console commands in The Planet Crafter

A rocket take off in The Planet Crafter.
Mods are always the solution. Image via Miju Games

To use console commands in The Planet Crafter, you need to install the Command Console mode for the game from Nexus Mods. Once you activate this mode for The Planet Crafter, you’ll have access to over 50 console commands that the makers of the mod have conveniently shared.

All console commands in The Planet Crafter

Command nameDescription
/add-airAdds a specific amount of Air to the player.
/add-animalsAdds a specific amount to the Animals value.
/add-biomassAdds a specific amount to the Biomass value.
/add-healthAdds a specific amount to Health to the player.
/add-heatAdds a specific amount to the Heat value.
/add-insectsAdds a specific amount to the Insects value.
/add-oxygenAdds a specific amount to the Oxygen value.
/add-plantsAdds a specific amount to the Plants value.
/add-pressureAdds a specific amount to the Pressure value.
/add-tiAdds a specific amount to the Ti value.
/add-tokenAdds a specific amount to the Trade Token value.
/add-waterAdds a specific amount to the Water value for the player
/auto-refillAuto refill your Health, Water and Oxygen. You can reuse the command to stop
/buildAllows you to build a structure by automatically adding the ingredients to your inventory first.
/clearClear your console history.
/console-set-leftSet the command console to the left of your screen.
/console-set-rightSet the command console to the right of your screen.
/copy-to-clipboardCopy the console history.
/ctcCopy the console history to the system clipboard without formatting.
/delete-itemDelete a world object after specifying its unique id.
/dieSet the player’s HP to zero..
/get-colorReturns the color of a chosen object.
/get-portal-timeLearn the time remaining for an active portal.
/helpDisplay a list of essential commands and their descriptions.
/ingredients-forSpawn the ingredients for a specific item.
/kickKick a player with their ID.
/listLists whoever’s currently online.
/listAllLists players who logged into your world once.
/list-golden-containersLists all the golden containers.
/list-items-nearbyLists nearby items.
/list-larvaeShows larvae sequencing info.
/list-larvae-zonesLists larvae zones.
/list-lootList loot chest info.
/list-microchip-tiersLists unlock tiers and microchip unlock items.
/list-microchip-unlocksList the microchip unlock identifiers.
/list-modsLists all mods and allows players to set filters.
/list-stagesList terraformation stages.
/list-techLists technology identifiers.
/logistics-item-statsDisplay statistics about an item.
/meteorTriggers the available meteor events, and it can also list them.
/move-itemMoves an item to an absolute position.
/move-item-relativeMoves an item by a specified amount.
/pickFetches the first world object id in the line of sight of the player.
/pick-allLists all the world object ids in the line of sight of the player.
/raiseRaises objects placed by the player in a radius.
/refillRefills the Health, Water and Oxygen levels.
/removeKick a specific player by their number of names. This deletes all of their data from the server.
/save-statsShow save statistics.
/set-colorChanges the color of a given world object.
/set-outside-grower-delayChanges the outside growers’ progress delay in seconds.
/set-portal-timeDecides the time remaining for an active portal
/set-trade-rocket-delayChanges the trading rockets’ progress delay
/spawnSpawns an item and automatically adds it to your inventory.
/spawn-gtSpans a specific Genetic Trait.
/spawn-dnaSpans a specific DNA Sequence.
/tech-infoShows detailed information about a technology.
/tpTeleport to a location.
/tp-createSave the current player location and give it a name.
/tp-listList all user-named teleport locations.
/tpmTeleport to another player.
/tprTeleport relatively to the current location.
/tp-removeRemove a custom teleport location.
/unlockUnlock a technology.
/unlock-microchipUnlocks a microchip technology.

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