Top 3 meta Teamfight Tactics comps for Patch 10.10

These comps will help you jump up the ladder.

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It’s time to climb.

Teamfight Tactics player Wrainbash put together a list of all the Patch 10.10 meta comps used by Challenger players. While the Candyland comp took a significant hit, some tried-and-true synergies are still reigning supreme on the Convergence. But a few oldies are back and better than ever.

Here are three teams you can run to climb the ranked ladder in the current patch.


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With Poppy out of the equation, Xayah and her fellow low-cost units are now free to dominate the competition. Riot tried to balance the Shredder comp last patch, dropping Xayah’s AD by five. But it did little to stop the Rebel from dishing out punishment.

To run this comp effectively, players need to three-star their low-cost units. In the third round, start rolling down and prioritize Xayah, Jarvan IV, Caitlyn, and Fiora. Place an Infinity Edge and Last Whisper on Xayah to crit and shred tanks. A Guardian’s Angel will give the unit some survivability in case opponents slip through your frontline.

Former League of Legends pro LeDuck recommends making Jarvan your second carry. Equip him with a Rabadon’s Deathcap, as well as a Frozen Heart, Bramble Vest, or Dragon’s Claw for tankiness.

The four-unit Celestial bonus should heal your units constantly, with the only counter being Grievous Wounds. But since that item got a small nerf this patch (down to 25 percent burn), it should be less effective.

Jhin and the Demo Pirates

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Jhin’s back—and he hurts.

Former League pro Sologesang outlines exactly how to make the Virtuoso into an unstoppable carry. Putting a Runaan’s Hurricane and Deathblade on Jhin will allow him to damage multiple units, gaining a huge AD bonus when any of those enemies die. And, as usual, put a Guardian’s Angel on the Sniper to give him some survivability against assassins.

Gangplank and Jayce will be your supplemental carries. Put a Guardian’s Angel on Gangplank to help him survive long enough to use his ability once or twice. And making Jayce a Demolitionist using the Spatula item, GP’s AoE ability will deliver a devastating stun to your opponents entire squad.

The comp also benefits from several other two-unit trait bonuses that add to its power. With two Celestials, Mana-Reavers, Snipers, and Chronos, this jack-of-all-trades comp can hit opponents from multiple angles.


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It’s time to spread the love.

Cybernetics gain bonus health and attack damage when they’re equipped with at least one item. This comp spreads out items across all Cybernetics for optimum efficiency.

LeDuck recommends three Infinity Edges on Irelia, who will be the main carry for this comp. You can also throw on a Last Whisper or Deathblade, too. Shen and Fiora will grant you a three-unit Blademaster buff, giving Irelia a chance at additional attacks.

Adding Grievous Wounds damage to cut healing is also a priority. Put a Red Buff on Lucian, who will spread the heal reduction from the backline.

Players can then begin to throw items on the remaining Cybernetics to give them all the buff. Try out a Redemption on Fiora, an Ionic Spark or Thief’s Gloves on Vi, a Guardian’s Angel on Ekko, and so on.

Honorable mentions

There are quite a few comps that can help you climb the ladder this patch. Brawlin’ Blasters, Mech Infiltrators, and Kayle Carry each house stellar synergies that can easily snag you a victory on the Convergence. But since those strategies have had their day in the sun for several consecutive patches, we opted to share other comps that have emerged, or reemerged, in the current meta.