Top 3 meta Teamfight Tactics comps for Patch 10.8B

It's time to grind.

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For Teamfight Tactics players looking to dominate their way up the ranked ladder, one fan has the answer.

TFT player Wrainbash compiled a list of the top meta team comps used by Challenger players, posting a spreadsheet today. With the minor changes made in the mid-patch update, several high flyers were cut down a notch. This allowed previous stars to shine once again, as well as some new contenders to elbow their way to the top.

Here are three meta comps best suited for grinding the TFT ladder in Patch 10.8.

Brawlin’ Blasters

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With some minor tweaks to traits and champions in Patch 10.8, Brawlin’ Blasters makes its return to the Convergence as a dominant team comp. The concept behind this comp is simple—carries in the back, tanks in the front.

Former League of Legends pro LeDuck suggests making Jinx and Miss Fortune the carries. By placing a Red Buff and Giant Slayer on the Loose Cannon, players will cut healing and deal percentage health damage to tanks. And just in case an assassin makes its way to Jinx, a Guardian Angel will give her a second chance.

To help Jinx proc her passive and get excited quicker, place a Blitzcrank next to her that will pull a carry and destroy them immediately.

Miss Fortune’s ultimate is too powerful to skip out on. Putting a Seraph’s Embrace will ensure that the champion uses her ultimate as often as possible, dealing extra ability power with a Rabadon’s Deathcap.

Your frontline will be made up of Malphite, Cho’Gath, Vi, and Graves. These tanks should hold off any threats while your backline effortlessly picks them off.

Mech Infiltrators

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Though Shaco took a hit in the mid-patch update, using the Mech Infiltrator comp is still completely viable.

Former League pro Saintvicious recommends making your frontline a Super-Mech hell-bent on destroying everything in its path. To hit three-star Annie, Rumble, and Fizz, players should slow roll at level six and seven. During this time, TFT players should also try to level up their Shaco and Kai’Sa since they’re the carries for this comp.

Proper itemization would be to stack tanky items on the Super-Mech, like Bramble Vest, Titan’s Resolve, and Quicksilver. This will make the mech as beefy as possible, able to tank the enemy frontline long enough to stall for your carries.

Shaco still needs crit, making Infinity Edge a great item. Throwing a Bloodthirster and Guardian’s Angel will also give him some additional sustain. And Kai’Sa needs to use her ability as often as possible, cutting everyone’s healing down with a Morellonomicon. Equipping her with a Seraph’s will allow her to use her ability more times within a fight.

Players can round out this comp with a Kayle, Miss Fortune, or Lux in the later stages of a match.

Kayle Carry

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Though it might be risky to put all your eggs in one basket, Kayle is definitely worth it. By positioning and itemizing your units correctly, you can ensure the champion stays up for a while.

Former League pro Sologesang puts Kayle in the second row behind a tanky frontline and in front of some disposable units. Putting a Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Kayle will help her build attack speed quickly. Pairing that with a four-unit Chrono bonus, which gives 35 percent extra attack speed, and her Ascend ability means the champion can wipe out hordes of units on her own. And just in case a cheeky unit gets through to her, a Guardian’s Angel will give her another try.

Since Miss Fortune is also a Valkyrie, both her and Kayle will crit enemies that fall below 50 percent.

Kassadin and Thresh will use their Mana-Reaver ability to increase the mana of their targets’ spell cast by 40 percent. This will buy even more time for Kayle to Ascend quicker and destroy her opponents.