TFT Traits expected to receive a number of buffs and nerfs in Patch 10.21

Divine may go from a trait no one was running to one of the best in Fates.

Teamfight Tactics Jax
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A total of 10 trait buffs and nerfs were revealed today by lead Teamfight Tactics game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer for the upcoming 10.21 patch.

Revealed during the TFT Patch 10.21 Mortdog rundown, a number of trait changes are taking place in the upcoming update. Changes to traits like Adept and Mystic were small tweaks, with more adjustments possibly taking place during future updates. Cultist received a big change to adjust Galio’s power levels to scale in accordance with that of the champion star levels on the battlefield. Divine may become an S-tier comp once 10.21 goes live. 


The power spike of Cultist was strong during the early game and fell off hard late game. To improve the trait, Galio now scales off champion star levels

  • Galio HP: 1600/3800/6666 changed to 1000/1750/2500.
  • Galio AD: 125/400/1000 changed to 80/180/400.


Within Ranked TFT, Divine was “basically a trait no one was running” due to a lack of “being able to survive.” New buffs applied in the upcoming patch will make Divine champions more difficult to kill. The new text states that “Divine units remove all crowd control and ascend, taking 66 percent reduced damage and dealing 50 percent true damage for the duration of the ascension.” But the ascension times were reduced and will only last for a “short amount of time,” unless at six and eight. 

  • Two Divine: Four seconds
  • Four Divine: Seven seconds
  • Six Divine: 10 seconds
  • Eight Divine: 14 seconds


Fortune at zero to two-loss streak was nerfed and the chance to obtain a five-cost champion from four losses was removed. Players can still gain a five-cost champ from six to seven losses. 

Fortune six, however, was buffed via an increase in gold and item possibilities. 

  • Zero loss: three gold decreased to 2.5.
  • One loss: 6.5 gold reduced to six.
  • Two loss: 11.5 gold reduced to 10.5.
  • Six Fortune: Average gold of 10.25 increased to 11.65. Five-cost unit drop chances were lowered, though. 


Adept is a “dead trait” on live, according to Mortdog. The TFT design team is aware that several changes will need to occur. The 10.21 patch contains only small improvements for now, with more adjustments set to take place in future updates. 

  • 2/3/5 seconds increased to 2.5/4/7 seconds. 


Players will be able to take full advantage of full hunter builds after the release of patch 10.21. 

  • 175/175/175/175 changed to 150/175/200/225 percent.


Moonlight will now have champions that increase to five-stars. 


A “light buff” is scheduled to deal with Magic Resistance in the TFT 10.21 patch. Other adjustments may occur during future updates. 

  • 35/95/175 Magic Resistance increased to 40/100/200. 


A big buff was applied to four Ninja, perhaps enticing players to shoot for it during the late game. 

  • AD and SP increased from 50/120 to 50/150.


A small buff was added to six Vanguard, increasing Armor from 500 to 600.


Aggro dropping is a problematic mechanic, according to Mortdog. The balance team nerfed the Shade trait to “four autos per proc, instead of three.” More adjustments are planned to take place in future patches. 

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All changes revealed today during Mortdog’s TFT 10.21 patch rundown are subject to change prior to the update’s launch that is scheduled to take place on Oct. 14.