Every TFT champion and item tweaked for balance in upcoming 10.21 patch

Several items are worth playing again.

Teamfight Tactics Kennen
Image via Riot Games

In an effort to improve balance within the Fates meta, a number of champions and items will get either nerfed or buffed in the upcoming Teamfight Tactics 10.21 patch.

Scheduled to take place on Oct. 14, lead TFT game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed a number of balance changes via his 10.21 rundown. Four-cost three-star champions are mostly getting nerfed to reduce them from “auto-winning” games. But despite the nerfs, they should remain “really strong,” according to Mortdog.

Buffs were given to underperforming one-cost champions and various three-star champions to increase playability. Several underperforming items were also buffed, most notably Luden’s Echo and Locket of the Iron Solari.  

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One-cost champion balance changes

A total of three champions are scheduled to receive changes with the TFT 10.21 patch. Nidalee’s buff should “feel like a Caitlyn ult,” according to Mortdog. And a buff to three-star Elise will make her playable during the late game stages. 

  • Diana orbs changed from 4/5/6/10 to 4/5/6/9.
  • Nidalee’s bonus damage per hex increased from 10 to 20 percent.
  • Elise’s health restore on auto attack increased at three-star from 120 to 160.

Two-cost champion balance changes

A change to Aphelios will prevent him from firing Turrets when he is disabled. Jarvan IV and Teemo were also buffed at the three-star level to improve their late-game playablitly.

  • Jax mana adjusted from 50/100 to 60/110.
  • Jarvan IV spell damage increased at three-star from 500 to 750.
  • Teemo spell damage increased from 200/300/600 to 300/450/900.

Three-cost champion balance changes

The only three-cost champion to receive a balance change was Kennen, buffing his spell damage from 300/450/900 to 300/450/1350. A three-star Kennen should be worth chasing in the 10.21 meta, according to Mortdog. 

Four-cost champion balance changes

Changes to four-cost champs in the TFT 10.21 patch are mostly meant to “tone them down some, not kill them.” Ahri’s HP, for example, was lowered from 650 to 600 to make her more of a “glass cannon.”

  • Ahri spell damage reduced from 500/800/4000 to 500/750/3000.
  • Riven wave damage increased at three-star from 1500 to 1350.
  • Jhin fourth shot damage reduced at three-star from 4444 percent to 1234 percent.
  • Talon Spell AD ratio reduced at three-star from 300 to 250 percent. 

Five-cost champion balance changes

Lillia was tweaked slightly in the upcoming TFT 10.21 patch, but more changes are expected to affect her in future patches. Kayn was also tweaked slightly, lowering his Shadow Buff by 10 percent.

  • Azir spell damage increased at three-star from 2000 to 8888.
  • Lillia Sleep duration changed from 3.5/3.5/8 to 3/4/8 seconds.
  • Kayn Shadow Buff reduced from 75 to 65 percent
  • Kayn spell damage reduced at one-star from 450 to 400. 
  • Zilean targets increased from 2/2/10 to 2/3/10.
  • Zilean healing reduced from 350/700/3000 to 350/500/3000.

Item balance changes

A total of eight items are expected to see changes within the upcoming TFT 10.21 patch. Most of these items were underplayed since the launch of Fates, receiving some much-needed buffs. Other items like Quicksilver were nerfed slightly due to overpowering the meta. 

  • Chalice of Power: Increase in spell power from 30 to 40 percent.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari: Increase in shield from 250/300/375/500 to 350/450/600/800. 
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate: Armor and magic resistance increased from 12 to 15.
  • Luden’s Echo: Damage decreased from 200 to 180. New bonus damage added towards shielded or crowd controlled champions. 
  • Quicksilver: Duration reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.
  • Zeke’s Herald: Bonus attack speed increased from 30 to 40 percent.
  • Statikk Shiv: Base damage reduced from 85 to 75. Bonus damage increased from 85 to 175. 
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Attack damage increased from 70 to 150. New ability taunts all nearby enemies at the start of combat to the wearer for two seconds.

Changes to items and champions are subject to change when the TFT 10.21 patch goes live on Oct. 14.