New Cultist origin lets you summon Demon Lord Galio to fight by your side in TFT Set 4 Fates

Bow to your leader.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Set Four will give joining a cult new meaning.

Fates introduces the new Cultist origin, which lets you harness the power of Demon Lord Galio to destroy your enemies. And the more Cultists you have, the stronger your overlord becomes, according to today’s dev blog post.

While other classes and origins typically power each other up, Cultist units only beef up Galio’s strength. At three units, Cultists summon Tyrant Galio. Once you snag six Cultists, however, Galio evolves into a Demon Lord. And the whopping nine-unit bonus brings about the powerful Supreme Overlord Galio.

Supreme Overlord Galio spawns with a staggering 7,000 health and 600 AD. He’ll be difficult to summon, however, since you’ll likely need to convert another unit into a Cultist using a Spatula item. But Tyrant Galio will be a stellar frontliner and still offer an AoE stun at only three Cultists.

Cultists will have “more champions than any other trait” at eight units, according to Riot. Elise and Twisted Fate will be your one-cost Cultists, Pyke at two, Evelynn and Kalista at three, and Aatrox at four. Riot hasn’t revealed the other two Cultists yet.

TFT Set Four Fates kicks off on Sept. 16 with Patch 10.19.


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