TFT Sivir build shows promise as top-four comp

Can Sivir beat Olaf and DragonSol?

Image via Riot Games

Balance and system changes made within Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.4 may have opened the door for a consistent top-four Sivir carry build. 

Patch 11.4 in TFT has brought about a meta filled with four-cost Chosen units with comps like Olaf Slayer and DragonSol ranking in at S-plus tier. Flying under the radar, though, is a solid build using Sivir as the primary carry and Kindred as the secondary option. 

A guide on Reddit highlighted the comp, running four Spirit with Sejuani and Aatrox as a frontline Vanguard in conjunction with Shen to tie in Mystic. Wrainbash also listed Sivir as a viable option in his meta comp sheet, just under Fabled Vanguard/Mystic. Sivir was still the carry but Teemo was the secondary option. The goal behind both builds was to slowroll at levels seven and eight for a three-star Sivir. Items could also be transferred over to Samira as an alternative option. 

The Sivir carry comp works best with a Cultist early game, picking up a Glove on the first carousel. Last Whisper is a must-have item on Sivir but a bad early game slam. Grabbing a Glove in the first carousel provides flexibility if a player needs or wants to transition to another comp. 

Another option for the Sivir comp includes a two Spirit build using Divine with Jax and Lee Sin, along with Neeko as a second carry. Slot in Nautilus and Cho’Gath and it’s a solid Sivir Fabled/Divine comp that can boot Olaf and crew off the battlefield. Teemo is a utility carry for items like Zeke’s Herald and Chalice of Power, while Neeko pops off with Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge. With Chosen Sharpshooter, players can easily drop Nautilus for Samira. Nautilus can slot back in at nine or players can roll for a five-cost Chosen. 

The TFT Patch 11.4 Set 4.75 meta is still somewhat new and could shift prior to the release of 11.5 on March 3. Olaf and DragonSol may continue to dominate, leaving Sivir as a viable backup option that can consistently hit top-four.