TFT Set 7/7.5 Dragonlands World Championship: Standings, scores, and format

Only one can become the Dragonlands world champion.

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A total of 32 of the best Teamfight Tactics players from around the globe are competing for the Dragonlands world title at Worlds and a slice of the $456,000 prize pool.

Taking place over the course of three days, from Nov. 18 to 20, the TFT Dragonlands World Championship will showcase a meta full of dragons. Eight regions will be represented from around the world, featuring a total of 32 players. All players advance to the second day of TFT Worlds, with only eight moving on to the final day and the Dragonlands playoffs. Each of the 32 players qualified through a Regional Final or regional Last Chance Qualifier. 

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  • NA players: Amde, Kyivix, C9k3soju, and Rainplosion
  • OCE players: Tamura77 and Huey
  • EMEA players: Lelouch, Double61, Noel, Deisik, and L3S Coco
  • LATAM players: Fritz, LifesBad, and FanTheQiQi
  • Japan players: Title and holi
  • China players: XunGe, Huanmie, Fly, HuXin, and Kezi
  • Brazil players: K0nda1, Slooper, and Vclf
  • Korea players: My Paradise, Good Day, DongGeul, and Newt
  • Western LCQ players: Briks and TexSummers
  • Eastern LCQ players: HereWeGo and Binteum

Nov. 18 TFT Worlds standings

Day one showcased players split into four lobbies and five games, with lobbies getting rotated after two games. No players were cut during the first day, with points accumulated carrying over into day two. 

The former TFT world champion Double61 started day one off strong with a lobby win, along with title from Japan. China also had a good start with DongGeul and Huanmie both earning lobby wins. Double61 continued his win streak during game two along with title as both players put the rest of the TFT Worlds field on notice.

Lobbies rotated for game three, showcasing a win from My Paradise on Astral Re-roll. Briks climbed the leaderboard with a lobby win while Noel, DongGeul, and title continued to dominate with consistent top-four finishes.

The final game of day one at TFT Worlds featured rotated lobbies again, with a shift in the top eight players heading into day two. C9k3soju pushed NA into the top eight, tied for third overall. Title ended the day atop the leaderboard, followed by Huanmie and XunGe. DongGeul, HereWeGo, My Paradise, and Noel also ended the day in the top eight.

Nov. 19 TFT Worlds standings

Every TFT player at the Dragonlands World Championship started day two with points from the first day carrying over. Only eight advanced to the final day. Players were split into four lobbies and played a total of five games with lobbies getting rotated every two games.

Former TFT World champion Hunamie started the second day off strong with a lobby win to sit atop the leaderboard. North America’s Rainplosion kept the win streak going that she kicked off yesterday during game five to earn another lobby win during round six, tied with Binteum to slide into the top eight. And C9k3soju fell slightly in standings after going eighth during game six.

Lobbies were rotated for game three as Huanmie continued his dominance at the Dragonlands World Championship, pulling five points ahead of the rest of the field. Heading into the final game of the day, Huanmie had locked a top-eight finish while Rainplosion and AMDE were seeking to advance the NA region into the finals.

AMDE just missed the top eight cut for NA but Rainplosion didn’t, earning her third lobby win during game five of the second day at TFT Worlds and finishing second overall.

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Here were the top eight players advancing to the final day of the TFT Dragonlands World Championship:

  • Huanmie (China): 62 points
  • Rainplosion (NA): 52 points
  • DongGuel (Korea): 52 points
  • XunGe (China): 51 points
  • Title (Japan): 50 points
  • LifesBad (LATAM): 50 points
  • Fritz (LATAM): 50 points
  • HereWeGo (China): 50 points

Nov. 20 TFT Worlds standings

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Day three of the TFT Dragonlands World Championship kicked off with a fun PBE game showcasing Set Eight, from Bel’Veth carry to Jax Mecha: PRIME and Aphelios/Samira tag-team carry. The Dragonlands finals featured a Checkmate format. Players sought to hit the point threshold of 18 points. Upon reaching the point threshold, the next player to win the lobby became the TFT Worlds champion.

Game one of the finals showcased the dragons in the Dragonlands set, with LATAM’s Fritz running a Daeja Guardian six with one Idas away from three-star to win the first lobby over XunGe and his Kai’Sa Reroll build. Finishing in third was NA’s Rainplosion with Graves/Seraphine. Game two went to LifeisBad on a Xayah carry and a three-star Idas, advancing the LATAM player to a three-way tie with Huanmie and Fritz heading into game three at 10 points.

A second-place finish from Fritz during game three with a six Guardian/Aurelion Sol primary carry propelled the LATAM player to the top of the leaderboard, one point shy of the 18-point threshold. Tied with 15 points were Huanmie and Rainplosion, followed by Title and XunGe tied at 13 points.

Game five showcased five players who crossed the 18-point threshold: Title, XunGe, Fritz, Huanmie, and HereWeGo. And it was China’s XunGe who earned the TFT Dragonlands Worlds title, winning $150,000.

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