TFT Set 10 item cheat sheet for Remix Rumble

Equip for victory: Core and Support item guide for TFT Set 10.

Bard playing the saxaphone
Set 10 Bard | Image via Riot Games

Riot Games changed up Teamfight Tactics items through Set 10, adding new items like Red Buff and Steadfast Heart. 

The launch of TFT Set 10 changed the overall landscape of the autobattler, removing Mid-Set updates while dropping a new set every four months. Headliner is the main mechanic within Remix Rumble, and Riot shipped several new item changes. Rapid Firecannon was dropped in Set 10, along with Night Harvester. Red Buff and Steadfast Heart replaced them as regular and Radiant items.

All TFT Set 10 Core and Support items

Vi leaning up against locker drinking from water bottle
Set 10 Vi | Image via Riot Games

The three main item categories established through Set 9.5Core, Support, and Artifact—have stuck around for Remix Rumble. Players can pick up Radiant items as well but not as often, and getting a Spatula is a big deal in TFT Set 10. Players can add plus-one trait through the Headliner mechanic and by crafting a Component with a Spatula to make an Emblem.   

Set 10 crafting with Spatula Emblems

  • Belt and Spatula: Heartsteel Emblem
  • Rod and Spatula: K/DA Emblem
  • Sword and Spatula: True Damage Emblem
  • Vest and Spatula: Pentakill Emblem
  • Cloak and Spatula: Jazz Emblem
  • Tear and Spatula: Emo Emblem
  • Bow and Spatula: 8-bit Emblem
  • Glove and Spatula: Punk Emblem
  • Spatula and Spatula: Tactician’s Crown

Set 10 Core items and carriers

There are 36 Core items in TFT Set 10. All Core items are craftable. 

  • Adaptive Helm (Tear/Cloak): Gain bonuses based on board position. Ekko/Nami/Blitzcrank/Sona
  • Archangel’s Staff (Tear/Rod): Bonus ability power upfront and every five seconds. Lulu/Seraphine/Sona/Ziggs
  • Bloodthirster (Sword/Cloak): Heal 20 percent of damage dealt and gain health shield once per combat for five seconds. Riven/Viego/Gnar/Yorick
  • Blue Buff (Tear/Tear): Grants starting mana and bonus AP and deals 12 percent increased damage for eight seconds after a takedown. Ahri/Kai’Sa/Annie
  • Bramble Vest (Vest/Vest): Grants armor and when hit with an attack deals magic damage to all nearby enemies every 2.5 seconds. Sett/Blitzcrank/Thresh/Pantheon/Tahm Kench/Zac
  • Crownguard (Rod/Vest): Shields holder for 30 percent of their maximum health for eight seconds. Gain 40 AP when shield breaks. Sett/Garen/Lillia
  • Deathblade (Sword/Sword): Grants 55 percent AD and eight percent bonus damage. Samira/Zed/Jhin/Twitch/Jinx
  • Dragon’s Claw (Cloak/Cloak): Grants 55 magic resistance, five percent maximum health, and regenerate five percent maximum health every two seconds. Thresh/Poppy/Pantheon/Taric
  • Edge of Night (Sword/Vest): Become untargetable at 60 percent health, shed negative effects, and gain 15 percent attack speed. Akali True Damage/Qiyana/Akali K/DA
  • Evenshroud (Cloak/Belt): Grants armor and magic resistance for first 10 seconds of combat and 50 percent Sunder within two Hexes. Vi/Sett
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate (Vest/Cloak): Gain 30 armor and magic resistance and 13 more for each enemy targeting the holder. Amumu/Poppy/Tahm Kench
  • Giant Slayer (Sword/Bow): Grant 15 percent AD and AP. Abilities and attacks deal 30 percent more damage to enemies above 1,600 health. Samira/Kayle/Jhin
  • Guardbreaker (Belt/Glove): Grant 15 percent AD and AP. Abilities and attacks deal 30 percent more damage to shielded enemies. Miss Fortune/Ezreal/Ziggs
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Rod/Bow): Attacks grant five percent attack speed per attack that stacks and 15 percent overall attack speed. Jinx/Bard/Jax/Miss Fortune/Jhin/Corki
  • Hand of Justice (Glove/Tear): Grant 15 percent AD and AP. Attacks and abilities heal for 15 percent damage dealt and each round one bonus increases effects by 30 percent. Evelynn/Katarina/Qiyana/Yasuo/Kai’Sa
  • Hextech Gunblade (Sword/Rod): Grant 22 percent Omnivamp and damage heals lowest percent health ally. Lux/Annie/Twisted Fate 
  • Infinity Edge (Sword/Glove): Grants 35 percent AD. If the holder’s spell can already critically strike, gain 10 percent Critical Strike Chance. Ezreal/Akali True Damage/Caitlyn/Jinx
  • Ionic Spark (Rod/Cloak): Enemies within two Hexes have 50 reduced magic resistance and are zapped when casting an ability equal to 185 percent of their maximum mana. Ekko/Kennen/Neeko/Vi
  • Jeweled Gauntlet (Glove/Rod): Grant 15 AP and if the holder’s spell can critically strike, gain 10 percent Critical Strike Chance. Lux/Ahri/Karthus/Annie/Jax/Katarina
  • Last Whisper (Bow/Glove): Grant 10 percent AD, reduces targets armor by 50 percent for five seconds. Samira/Lucian/Kai’Sa/Caitlyn
  • Morellonomicon (Rod/Belt): Grant 10 AP, target is burned 10 percent maximum health over 10 seconds and reduces healing by 30 percent. Vex/Kennen
  • Nashor’s Tooth (Belt/Bow): After casting ability, gain 40 percent attack speed for five seconds. Lillia/Gnar
  • Protector’s Vow (Vest/Tear): Grant 45 mana. At 40 percent health, gain shield for five seconds, 35 armor and magic resistance. Ekko/Sett/Garen/Zac
  • Quicksilver (Glove/Cloak): Grant 20 magic resistance, and immune to CC for 14 seconds. While immune gain six percent attack speed every two seconds (attack speed lasts after immunity ends). Yasuo/Riven/Jax/Yone
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap (Rod/Rod): Grant 60 AP and eight percent bonus damage. Ahri/Karthus/Seraphine/Jax
  • Red Buff (Bow/Bow): Deal five percent bonus damage. Attacks burn one percent and Wound 33 percent for five seconds. Gain 45 percent attack speed. Twitch/Caitlyn/Corki
  • Redemption (Belt/Tear): Adjacent allies are healed 15 percent of missing health every five seconds and afflicted allies take 10 percent less multitarget damage for five seconds. K’Sante/Tahm Kench/Amumu/Blitzcrank/Illaoi/Gragas/Sett
  • Runaan’s Hurricane (Bow/Cloak): Grants 20 percent bonus AD and fires a bolt at a nearby enemy that deals 50 percent AD as physical damage. Urgot/Jax/Olaf
  • Spear of Shojin (Sword/Tear): Grant 15 AP and every third attack restores 20 mana. Sona/Seraphine/Karthus/Bard/Nami/Corki/Kai’Sa
  • Statikk Shiv (Tear/Bow): Grants 15 AP and every third attack hits four enemies, dealing 30 magic damage and reducing magic resistance by 50 percent for five seconds. Jinx/Kayle/Corki
  • Steadfast Heart (Glove/Vest): Take eight percent less damage and 15 percent less when above 50 percent health. Gain 200 health, 20 armor, and 20 percent Crit Chance. Illoai/Tahm Kench/Gragas/Zac
  • Sterak’s Gage (Sword/Belt): At 60 percent health increase maximum health by 20 percent and gain 35 percent AD. Kayn/Gnar/Riven/Viego/Yorick
  • Sunfire Cape (Belt/Vest): Grants 250 bonus health and burns enemies in two Hexes for 10 percent of maximum health as true damage while reducing healing by 30 percent. K’Sante/Vi/Taric/Tahm Kench/Neeko
  • Thief’t Gloves (Glove/Glove): Gain two random items each turn. Any champion.
  • Titan’s Resolve (Vest/Bow): Grants two percent AD and AP when attacking or taking damage. Stacks up to 25 times. Kayn/Riven/Jax/Gnar
  • Warmog’s Armor (Belt/Belt): Grants 650 health and eight percent maximum health. Neeko/Amumu/Garen/K’Sante/Tahm Kench/Gragas/Lillia

Set 10 Support items

Support items can’t be crafted. 

  • Aegis of the Legion: All allies behind the equipped unit gain 30 percent attack speed, 15 armor, and 15 magic resistance for 12 seconds at combat start. 
  • Banshee’s Veil: Equipped unit and allies within one Hex in the same row get 15 percent attack speed and crowd control immunity for 18 seconds. 
  • Chalice of Power: Equipped unit and allies within two Hexes in the same row gain 22 ability power and 10 mana at combat start. 
  • Crest of Cinders: Equipped unit and all allies within one Hex in the same row have attacks Burn the target for seven percent of their maximum health as true damage and apply 33 percent Wound. 
  • Locket of the Iron Solari: Equipped unit and allies within two Hexes in the same row gain 250 damage shield, 20 armor, and 20 magic resistance for 20 seconds. 
  • Needlessly Big Gem: If the equipped unit survives 15 seconds of combat, grant one gold per two living allies and each living ally deals 30 percent more damage. 
  • Obsidian Cleaver: Enemies are hit with 50 percent Shred and 50 percent Sunder for 10 seconds. Your team is granted eight percent AD and eight AP. 
  • Randuin’s Omen: Equipped unit and adjacent allies are granted 30 armor and 30 magic resistance. 
  • Shroud of Stillness: A beam shot at combat start Mana Reaves enemies 30 percent and your team gains 60 health. 
  • Virtue of the Martyr: All allies heal seven percent of their maximum health every five seconds. When the equipped unit perishes, the heal amount is increased by 200 percent and continues for an additional 10 seconds. 
  • Zeke’s Herald: Equipped unit and allies within two Hexes in the same row are granted 30 percent attack speed.
  • Zephyr: Whirlwind hits the opposite side of the board, removing the closest enemy from the hit area for five seconds. Your team gains eight percent attack speed. 
  • Zz’Rot Portal: A Voidspawn is summoned at combat start that Taunts nearby enemies. 


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