TFT Patch 11.14 Rundown reveals Volibear and Legionnaire buffs

Only two weeks remain to rank up before Dawn of Hope drops.

TFT Volibear Set Five Reckoning
Image via Riot Games

Design lead Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Riot Kent revealed a full rundown of Teamfight Tactics’ Patch 11.14 today, showcasing a buff to Volibear and a nerf to Yasuo. 

Patch 11.14 is the last TFT Set Five Reckoning update before Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Hope launches on July 21. Most of the balance changes within 11.14 are minor due to multiple TFT competitive qualifiers for Worlds later this year. Minimal shifts in the meta may occur with a buff to Legionnaire, nerf to Gragas, and a nerf to Darius. All nerfs and buffs are subject to change prior to the release of TFT Patch 11.14.

Here’s every Set Five Reckoning Patch 11.14 trait and champion nerf or buff.

Set Five Reckoning Traits

Legionnaire is getting a slight boost, which gives it a chance within the 11.14 meta. The TFT balance team’s goal to place Spellweaver into the meta resulted in a buff, while nine Skirmishers also gained more power. 

  • Legionnaire: Attack speed increased from 25/60/110/195 to 25/65/120/200 percent
  • Skirmisher: Attack damage per second increased from 3/6/10 to 3/6/12
  • Spellweaver: Base ability power buffed from 20/50/80 to 25/55/90

Set Five Reckoning Champions

Sett gets a slight buff in conjunction with Gragas getting nerfed. Garen has been the best five-cost in TFT Reckoning for longer than a term should last, receiving a nerf to his shield at one and two-star. Players should keep an eye on two-star Volibear, and Yasuo was nerfed at three-star. 

  • Gragas: Drunken rage damage reduced to 35/45/60 percent.
  • Brand: Health increased to 600.
  • Sett: Health increased to 750.
  • Sett: Haymaker attack damage scaling increased to 170/185/200 percent.
  • Nocturne: Health increased to 650.
  • Yasuo: Burning blade damage nerfed at three-star.
  • Yasuo: Burning blade on hit damage reduced to 25/35/65.
  • Ivern: Health nerfed to 950.
  • Ivern: Daisy’s health reduced to 1500/2400/10000.
  • Rell: Maximum mana nerfed to 80/150.
  • Garen: God-Lion’s justice shield reduced from 40/50/200 to 35/45/200 percent.
  • Garen: God-Lion’s justice shield duration reduced to four seconds.
  • Volibear: Doombringer damage buffed to 150/300/5000.
  • Volibear: Doombringer stun duration increased to 2.5/3.5/10 seconds.
  • Darius: God-Wolf’s carnage attack damage scaling increased from 180/220/2000 to 200/225/2000.
  • Viego: Sovereign’s domination damage per second nerfed to 180/300/1500.