TFT loot trait and Tahm Kench return in Set 6 Gizmos and Gadgets

Go first or eighth with digestive and loss-streak shenanigans.

TFT Set 6 Tahm Kench
Image via Riot Games

Gaining gold and loot for loss streaks is returning to Teamfight Tactics in Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets via the Mercenary trait. The new set also brings Tahm Kench digesting enemies for stat buffs and items. 

Scheduled to launch officially on Nov. 3, TFT Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets will mash together previous loot traits into Mercenary. The new trait provides tacticians with a treasure chest that will continually make them richer with each combat loss. Set Six champions with the Mercenary trait are Illaoi, Quinn, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, and Tahm Kench.

Image via Riot Games

Upon hitting the three Mercenary units, a treasure chest appears on your bench. You get to roll two dice at the start of each planning phase, adding more loot to your chest. The chest cannot be sold to cash out. Instead, players open it after a win. A string of losses increases loot and buffs from the die rolls. Hitting seven Mercenary Set Six champions will produce a third golden die upon a win. Loot is not based on a table like Fortune was.

Adding to the loot haul from the Mercenary trait is Tahm Kench, a five-cost Set Six champion. He eats his target, dealing damage while inside his belly. While being digested, the enemy unit is invulnerable to other sources, and Tahm Kench takes 40 percent reduced damage. Tahm Kench also has the Glutton trait in TFT Set Six, a unique trait that allows him to gain permanent bonus stats from a champion fed to him during the planning phase. 

If the target enemy unit perishes while in Tahm Kench’s belly, he will spit out a random item component attached to them or gold equaling the cost of the unit. If the enemy champion survives the damage applied in his belly, though, Tahm Kench spits them towards the farthest opponent, stunning all targets that are hit. 

Players can test out the best ways to feed Tahm Kench and earn massive amounts of loot when TFT Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets drops into the PBE on Oct. 20. Some stats and loot die rolls are subject to change before the official release on Nov. 3.