TFT esports is getting a huge competitive upgrade for the EMEA region in Set 6

The EMEA region finally has a proper competitive roadmap.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released a full competitive Teamfight Tactics Set Six roadmap today for players within Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

Seats at the Reckoning World Championship for players within European regions were determined by a single qualifier, but that will change within Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets. A total of four players from the EMEA region will have a chance to compete at Set Six Worlds via a Golden Spatula Cup circuit, a Superbrawl tournament, and the Rising Legends finals. 

Set 6 TFT European competitive roadmap
Image via Riot Games

Similar in structure to the Set Five North American TFT Worlds qualifier roadmap, players within EUW, EUNE, TR, and RU regions will earn points based on ladder snapshots, open qualifiers, and Golden Spatula tournaments. Incorporating EMEA with six regions being represented, a TFT Superbrawl will expand opportunities for even more players to compete at Set Six Worlds. 

There are a total of three Golden Spatula Cups that will take place in December, January, and March. Each cup is a three-day tournament that will contain a total of 128 competitors who qualify via ladder snapshots and open qualifiers. 

Image via Riot Games

Players who have a minimum rank of Diamond Two can compete in the open qualifiers, a three-day tournament containing 512 players with 32 competitors advancing to a Golden Spatula Cup. The other seats at each cup will be determined via ladder snapshots within EUW, EUNE, TR, and RU. The first ladder snapshot will take place on Nov. 16 at 8pm CT. 

  • EUW: 60 ladder snapshot slots
  • EUNE: 20 ladder snapshot slots
  • TR: 12 ladder snapshot slots
  • RU: Four ladder snapshot slots

The winner of each Golden Spatula Cup will get an invitation to the Rising Legends finals, along with the top-15 cup point earners. Prior to the TFT Set Six Rising Legends finals, there’s a Superbrawl tournament that will include a total of eight EMEA regions. Two players will represent each region as a team, with the winning team earning an invite to the Rising Legends finals. Local tournaments will determine the competitors at the Superbrawl. 

Image via Riot Games

The Set Six competitive season will wrap up with the Rising Legends finals, containing a total of 32 players who qualified based on Golden Spatula Cup points, Golden Spatula champions, top-12 ladder point earners, and the TFT Superbrawl tournament. Only the top four players at the Rising Legends finals will advance to compete at the TFT Set Six World Championship. 

Rules and instructions regarding registration for all tournaments and qualifiers can be found on the Riot website.