Riot reveals EU Reckoning qualifier dates for TFT Set 5/5.5 Worlds

Only four will represent EU at TFT Worlds.

TFT Set 5.5 Irelia
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has officially announced the European qualifier dates for Teamfight Tactics, in which tacticians will compete for a chance to play at the World Championship. 

A total of 64 TFT players qualified for the EU Reckoning Championship via Ranked ladder snapshots. The qualifiers are split into two-weekend tournaments, with the first taking place from July 31 to Aug. 1. Only 16 EU tacticians will advance to the second qualifier, scheduled from Aug. 14 to 15. 

The first European TFT Reckoning qualifier will contain a total of 12 rounds. Points are earned based on lobby placements, with the top 16 tacticians advancing to the second Reckoning qualifier. The main broadcast will cover the Aug. 14 to 15 Reckoning qualifier, featured on the official Riot Twitch channel and other local broadcast partners. 

Competition for the second TFT European Reckoning qualifier will start at 6:30am CT. 

Here are the 64 tacticians who qualified to compete in the EU Reckoning qualifiers:

  • Turkey: Overrated
  • Turkey: Rubic
  • Turkey: Darkest1903
  • Turkey: Ginggg
  • Turkey: Westblud
  • Turkey: FB Arat
  • Turkey: Expe8udoh
  • Turkey: Ebcimusprime
  • Turkey: Cynar
  • Trukey: Uthenera
  • Greece: Arrogante
  • Greece: ForChr1stSake
  • Greece: Infernixx
  • Czech: Thrae
  • Italy: Matt1926
  • Italy: Luque
  • Italy: TWTV Rykomastery
  • Italy: Swellertiger
  • Italy: Balotelli777
  • Italy: AceofSpadesITA
  • Spain: VGIA T4npop
  • Spain: Neo 2
  • Spain: TL AKAWonder
  • Spain: 215226
  • Spain: VGIA Guillosko
  • Spain: Dalesom
  • Andorra: BG181818BG
  • Poland: Aki
  • Poland: FBT Fr3sh
  • Poland: DV1 Shircane
  • Poland: Ano Lelouch
  • Poland: Zbrojson
  • Belgium: TMS Ackk
  • Hungary: Chinese Superbot
  • France: Shadow Faellan
  • France: Lil Aware
  • France: KC Double61
  • France: KalFlo
  • France: Magarky
  • France: SLV Voltariux
  • France: Izi Lyyyress
  • Fance: Grizi Pasdebol
  • France: Nes Qetzer
  • France: Lil Brank
  • Germany: Salvyyy
  • Germany: LeduckTFT
  • Germany: Gluteus Maximus
  • Germany: Phinphinthao
  • Germany: Sologesang
  • Serbia: Blaznavac
  • Isreal: YT Moshiek TFT
  • Sweden: Skipaeus
  • Sweden: TTV Al3xem
  • United Kingdom: Sharpeyx
  • United Kingdom: W29F
  • United Kingdom: Big Brain Player
  • Norway: Boocy
  • Belarus: Dualityy
  • Finland: Ukkkkko
  • Russia: Deis1k
  • Russia: Zupahero
  • Russia: LittleZiggs
  • Netherlands: G on Line 5

The European Reckoning qualifiers begin on July 31 and run to Aug. 1. No broadcast will be available but individual players will likely stream the competition. Round two of the road to TFT Worlds will take place from Aug. 14 to 15 and will have an official broadcast of the final five rounds, with a total of four EU players advancing to the TFT Reckoning World Championship.