TFT data reveals popularity of playing Yuumi and Kindred

Don't underestimate the power of Spirit champions.

Image via Riot Games

Yuumi and Kindred are the most often two-starred three-cost champions in Teamfight Tactics, according to data revealed today by lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Three-cost champions play a vital role in mid-game TFT strategies, providing trait synergy and power. Several three-cost champs share trait synergies, but none can produce healing, speed, and power like Yuumi and Kindred. In a Twitter contest created by Mortdog, it was revealed today that the two most often two-starred three-cost champions are the Spirit duo of Yuumi and Kindred.

Spirit synergies in TFT provide bonus attack speed to all allies upon the first time a Spirit champion casts their spell. Teemo is likely more often used during early-game builds while Sharpshooters are still viable but is often replaced by Kindred during mid and late-game transitions. And Yuumi slots ideally into any TFT comp, providing Spirit and Mystic synergy. 

Neeko and Akali were also revealed to be the two lowest two-starred three-cost champions. After getting hit with a number of nerfs, Neeko has become one the least-used three-cost champions, unless players are re-rolling her within a Vanguard/Mystic build.

And when it comes to Assasin champions, Katarina is often played over Akali. The Ninja Assasin also gets played less often due to how the Ninja trait works—providing an AD and AP power boost when only one or four Ninjas are on the battlefield. 

TFT fans can watch the top one percent of players use Yuumi and Kindred on the competitive stage this weekend in the NA, EU, and OCE Fates Regional Finals.