TFT 6.5 Augment True Justice gets disabled until Patch 12.6 over bug

Riot is asking all players to avoid True Justice until it gets disabled.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will disable Teamfight Tactics Hextech Augment True Justice until Patch 12.6, following a bug that appeared after a hot-fix update dropped today.

A scheduled TFT Set 6.5 update focusing on resolving bugs before Regional Finals has produced an issue within the Hextech Augment, True Justice. Riot has asked players to avoid taking the Augment during games until it becomes disabled. There are no plans to resolve the True Justice bug prior to the Regional Finals, with it slated to get fixed via Patch 12.6 taking place on March 30.

Bugs fixed via today’s update included an issue that caused Irelia to get locked out of her mana after getting hit with crowd control effects and the three Socialite breakpoints no longer granting more damage than was intended. 

  • Draven will no longer keep his VIP bonuses upon the Debonair trait getting deactivated.
  • Irelia will no longer get locked out of generating mana upon getting hit with crowd control effects during her abilities recast animation. This is a buff to Irelia. 
  • Corki’s ability will no longer stop upon his target dying during his cast animation.
  • Socialite breakpoints two, three, and five will no longer grant more damage amplification than intended. 

The TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augment was also on the list for today, intending to resolve an issue regarding the Enforcer trait benefiting from extra damage amplification via items like Giant Slayer. All these TFT bug fixes are now live.