Swain will return to TFT in Set 4.5

Swain joins the Legendary club.

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Swain Level Two

Riot Games officially revealed today that Swain will be a Dragonsoul Syphoner in Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5.

In line with previous TFT Set 4.5 spoilers that have been dropping recently, Swain was announced as a five-cost champion with the traits Dragonsoul and Syphoner. Releasing on Jan. 21 via Patch 11.2, the Fates mid-set contains the swap of 20 champions and six traits. Having first appeared within Set One of TFT, Swain was the most recent Set 4.5 champion revealed today.

Swain was a TFT champion with three traits in Set One: Demon, Imperial, and Shapeshifter. Within Set 4.5, he’ll only have two traits and will likely have powerful abilities due to being a five-cost. Swain will have an “enhanced ultimate from his last appearance” and perform optimally with “Warmogs,” according to lead TFT game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. 

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Syphoner is a trait that allows champions to siphon life from their opponents with their spells, based on a Riot teaser and Reddit leak. Champs with the Syphoner trait, and allies, heal for a portion of the damage they deal via spells and attacks.

  • Two Syphoner: Heal 10 percent for allies and 40 percent for Syphoners.
  • Four Syphoner: Heal 25 percent for allies and 100 percent for Syphoners. 

Dragonsoul champions gain Lifesteal that increases at lower health, according to the Reddit leak. They also deal bonus damage that increases off of their opponents’ missing health. 

  • Three Dragonsoul: 40 Spell Power and Attack Speed; Dragonflames deal 40 percent maximum health.
  • Six Dragonsoul: 80 Spell Power and Attack Speed; Dragonflames deal 80 percent maximum health.
  • Nine Dragonsoul: 200 Spell Power and Attack Speed; Dragonflames deal 200 percent maximum health.

Swain will join the other 20 TFT Set 4.5 champs with the official launch on Jan. 21. An upload to the PBE should provide players with the opportunity to test out the mid-set via Patch 11.1 on Jan. 6. 

Update Jan. 31 at 8:40am CT: Dragonsoul stats per the leaked Reddit document were corrected. It previously had the alleged stats for the Slayer trait.

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