Riot reveals the return of Xayah and Rakan in TFT Set 4.5

The Executioner trait could dominate the mid-set meta.

Image via Riot Games

Riot continued its trend of dropping Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 spoilers over the holiday break with the official reveal of  Xayah and Rakan today. 

Scheduled to release on Jan. 24, Set 4.5 contains a number of returning TFT champions. Riot announced Kayle and Nasus over the weekend, with Kayle as a Divine Executioner and Nasus a Divine Syphoner. Sivir is taking Jhin’s place as a Cultist/Sharpshooter and Kindred has transitioned over from Hunter to Executioner. Today’s TFT Set 4.5 spoilers revealed the return of League’s popular couple, Xayah and Rakan. 

Xayah is an Elderwood Executioner Keeper who’s a four-cost carry, according to lead TFT designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Rakan is an Elderwood Keeper who’s “a bit different this time,” said Mortdog, and “disarms” his opponents. Rakan’s cost wasn’t revealed today, but he’s listed as a two-cost champion, according to an unconfirmed Reddit leak

There are only three Executioner champions within the TFT Set 4.5: Kindred, Kayle, and Xayah. Kindred was one of the most versatile champions within Set Four, while Kayle and Xayah have been powerful carries in the past. Kayle also shares the Divine trait, making her an ideal future carry while Xayah will “take some interesting positioning to do well with,” according to Mortdog. 

The new Set 4.5 TFT champions should get uploaded to the PBE with Patch 11.1 on Jan. 6. The TFT mid-set 4.5 update will go live on Jan. 21 with Patch 11.2.