Riot Mortdog tests new TFT Salvage World Galaxy on PBE

Sell completed items to break them into components again.

Image via Riot Games

Heading into the Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.16, lead design Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer tested out the new Salvage World Galaxy in PBE while streaming today.

Replacing the TFT Star Cluster Galaxy in Patch 10.16 is Salvage World, a Galaxy that allows players to sell a unit and break finished items into components. Unlike the other Galaxies that have premiered in Set Three, Salvage World may be the most difficult to play. 

“It’s a hard Galaxy to wrap your head around,” Mortdog said

Being able to re-craft items has the potential to introduce new gameplay strategies for the early and mid-game. It can also play a major role in the late-game when facing off against comps that are weak to specific items. And thanks to the item recipes introduced in TFT Patch 10.16, players will have an easier time re-crafting and figuring out those perfect items for champions. 

Another possible addition to Patch 10.16 will include a buff to Space Pirates, as seen during today’s gameplay on Mortdog’s stream. The adjustment on the PBE features an increase in item drop chance. What that adjustment is, however, hasn’t been specifically released yet. 

Patch 10.16 contains a bunch of notes, according to Mortdog, but the changes are all minor, with an added bonus towards chasing either traits or champions. Heading into TFT Set Four, the remaining patches are all meant to be minor, with a focus on stability and overall balance.

A full preview of expected Patch 10.16 changes can be found here. The new TFT patch is scheduled to take place on Aug. 5.