Riot “exploring the idea” of permanently bringing back Teamfight Tactics’ Galaxies mechanic in the future

This would allow players to jump into random game variants.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Set Three introduced an interesting Galaxies mechanic that provides fun game-to-game variety. And it seems like it might make a return in a future set.

Riot is toying with the idea of permanently adding the Galaxies mechanic to the game “sometime in the future,” according to today’s dev post. This would allow players to randomly hop into different game variants that slightly tweak the rules of the match.

“It would be a shame to throw all that away,” Riot said. “So with that in mind, sometime in the future, we will be exploring the idea of bringing back some of these variants back to TFT as a permanent part of the game.”

Though not all Galaxies were successful, the variants allowed the devs to experiment and assess how the systems worked together. Galactic Armory, for example, gave players two completed items at the start of a game. This allows for excitement, variety, and forces players to rethink their strategy.

It’s unlikely that Riot would continue to call the mechanic “Galaxies” in a future set since it may not fit with the theme. But with the success that it cultivated in Set Three, the devs are reluctant to shelf the idea.

While a timeline for the mechanic’s return hasn’t been offered, Riot might bring it back in the upcoming Set Four: Fates.

Fates kicks off in TFT Patch 10.19, scheduled for Sept. 16.