Riot adds additional TFT Warwick and Sivir nerfs to 12.6 Patch Notes

The reign of the big bad wolf on the Neon Nights Ranked ladder is likely at an end.

Image via Riot Games

Additional nerfs to Teamfight Tactics champions Quinn, Warwick, Vex, and Sivir will take place in the 12.6 Neon Nights update, according to designer Brad “Blizz” Dallaire.

Patch notes for the 12.6 TFT update were released by Riot prior to the NA and EMEA Regional Finals last weekend. Game director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer released the 12.6 Patch Rundown earlier today, and additional nerfs to Set 6.5 champs Warwick and Sivir were added this evening via a Twitter post from Blizz.

Here are the additional changes getting added to TFT 12.6 patch:

  • Quinn: Disarming Assault damage reduced at three-star from 700 to 650
  • Quinn: Disarming Assault duration nerfed from 2/2.5/3 to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds
  • Warwick: On-hit heal nerfed at two and three-star from 50/75 to 45/65
  • Vex: Personal Space shield nerfed from 550/700/900 to 500/650/850
  • Sivir: Attack damage reduced from 70 to 60

Warwick was originally slated to only get an AD reduction from 50 to 45 within the TFT 12.6 patch. An additional nerf to his on-hit heal at two and three stars from 50/75 to 45/65 essentially ends the wolf’s dominance on the Neon Nights ladder. And adjustments to Quinn’s spell, along with a nerf to her disarm duration, will likely ensure the Warwick re-roll comp never returns to S+ tier status. 

Nerfs to Vex’s shield at two and three-star should help prevent AP builds like Arcanist from taking over, especially since Swain is slated to get a buff to his spell’s damage and healing. With AD comps like Warwick re-roll getting taken down a notch and Striker builds that use Irelia and Sivir (who is taking an additional reduction of five attack damage) AP comps may have room to shine in the 12.6 meta.

All changes within 12.6 TFT Patch Notes are subject to change prior to March 30.