Double61 wins TFT Neon Nights EMEA Regional Finals

Four French players will represent the EMEA region at TFT Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

The former Teamfight Tactics Galaxies world champion Double61 dominated the third day of the EMEA Regional Finals with consistent gameplay, winning the tournament and advancing to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. 

Day three of the TFT Neon Nights EMEA Regional Finals showcased eight players in combat, with the top five earning an invite to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. The sixth and seventh place finishers also earned an invite to the Last Chance Qualifier, offering them a second chance to compete at Worlds. 

Six games took place during the third day of the EMEA Regional Finals, in which Double61 was the only player to have six consecutive top-four finishes. The former TFT World Champion solidified his Regionals title victory via back-to-back first-place finishes during games five and six. He also put the world on notice, finishing in the top four during 16 out of the total 18 games played over the course of three days. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

Double61 showcased flexible gameplay throughout the day, running a variety of builds that included six Arcanist, Irelia Socialite, six Hextech Irelia, and a Bruiser/Mutant Kha’Zix carry. But he wasn’t the only player who had a solid day three performance at the EMEA Regional Finals.

Day three was all about the French players, with Voltariux finishing in second place, followed by L3S Coco in third and Un33d in fourth. Voltariux started day three with a lobby victory playing six Scrap Irelia carry with Socialite. He fell off during game two with a seventh but bounced back with three top-four finishes throughout the rest of the day. L3S Coco had one lobby win and two second-place finishes, while Un33d placed in the top four a total of four out of six games.

The final EMEA Regional Finals player to advance to TFT Set Six Worlds was Zbrojson, representing Poland. The Golden Cup Spatula Three winner struggled during games two to four after finishing second in game one. He recovered during games five and six with back-to-back third-place finishes. 

Representing EMEA at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship are four French players—Double61, Volariux, L3S Coco, and Un33d—along with Zbrojson from Poland. Set Six TFT Worlds is scheduled to take place from April 29 to May 1. No dates for The Last Chance Qualifier have been released at the time of writing.