Ornn returns to TFT as Blacksmith Elderwood champion

Ornn joins the legendary champion roster as an Artifact builder.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed Ornn today as a five-cost champion arriving in Teamfight Tactics’ Set 4.5 with the traits Elderwood and Blacksmith.

The Fates mid-set includes two new traits that are specific to one champion, similar to Sett (The Boss) and Azir (Emperor). Samira was announced yesterday by Riot as the Daredevil champion. Riot revealed Ornn today on Twitter as an Elderwood and Blacksmith champ within TFT Set 4.5, which will launch on Jan. 21. 

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Ornn is a five-cost legendary who likely functions similar to Sett in that he enters the battle for a moment before going off on his own to forge an Artifact item. The Blacksmith is a “little weak for a five-cost,” according to principal TFT lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer—but Ornn’s created Artifacts will “blow your mind.”

It’s unknown what type of Artifacts Ornn will create on the sidelines, or if tacticians can choose which ally is equipped with it once completed. A leaked TFT Set 4.5 document last week didn’t reveal too many clues regarding Ornn, stating that once an “Artifact is complete, it will be able to bestow upon an ally.”

Ornn will join Xayah and Rakan as the new Elderwood champions in Set 4.5. The remaining Elderwood champs include Maokai, Lulu, Veigar, and Nunu. It appears the trait will function the same as it did during the first half of Fates, increasing armor and magic resistance while pumping attack damage and spell power. Trait stats are subject to change, though. 

Players will get the chance to test out Ornn and all the new champions and traits next week when Set 4.5 arrives on the PBE. The official release of the new TFT mid-set is scheduled to go live on Jan. 21 with Patch 11.2.