Huge TFT Set 6 PBE update hits everything before weekend preview tournament

Today's patch is the largest Set 6 update, with more changes to come.

TFT Set 6 Jayce
Image via Riot Games

The largest Teamfight Tactics Set Six PBE patch to date will take place today and hit over 20 Hextech Augments, seven traits, and 30 champions with balance changes

Scheduled to drop around 2pm CT, today’s TFT Set Six PBE update will remain in effect until Oct. 26. The Gizmos and Gadgets PBE tournament is taking place this weekend from Oct. 23 to 24, showcasing the new set via 16 of the best players from around the world.

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Despite the size of today’s update, the TFT team is aware of bug fixes that still need to be addressed and is keeping an eye “on a few other things,” according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer in his tweet containing the Oct. 22 Set Six PBE patch notes. 

The Chemtech trait was hit with a nerf to units gaining healing, while Twinshot was given an attack damage bonus at each breakpoint. And rules for feeding Tahm Kench were adjusted, with stats being based on a champion’s Class trait while removing attack damage as an option. 

  • Bodyguard provides armor
  • Enchanter provides magic resistance
  • Bruiser provides health
  • Colossus provides health
  • Protector provides health
  • And all other traits provide ability power

Cho’Gath will receive a spell damage buff and Sion will get an HP buff, along with a three-star nerf to the four-cost Colossus champion’s spell damage. Dr. Mundo was nerfed again via his spell duration and healing over time. To compensate for his nerfs, the four-cost was given a buff to his instant heal percentage. 

Other major changes include a nerf to Yuumi’s mana, along with a buff to Viktor and his lasers. Jayce’s ranged attacks were given a damage bonus, Jinx had her spell nerfed at one and two-star, Fiora’s attack damage percentage from her spell was nerfed, and Seraphine’s spell will no longer slow an enemy’s attack speed.  

All changes from today’s TFT Set Six PBE patch will drop around 2pm CT. The balance changes made today are subject to change prior to the launch of Gizmos and Gadgets on Nov. 3.