How to watch TFT Mortdog Madness Neon Nights

Let the madness commence within Neon Nights.

Image via Wisdom

In a partnership between Wisdom and Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, Mortdog Madness is returning at the end of Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5 Neon Nights

Scheduled to take place from May 14 to 15, the best European players will battle against North American players in a four-vs-four showdown. Players are competing for bragging rights and a total prize pool of $10,000. A total of 32 players led by four captains in each region will participate in the event, played on the TFT 12.9 “for fun” patch

Coverage for the TFT Neon Nights Mortdog Madness event starts at 11am CT on May 14 and 15 via GiantSlayerTV. Casting the event is Mortdog himself, along with ImpetuousPanda, Jirachy, and Casanova. The four captains for the EMEA regions are AEG Un33d, KC Double 61, Sologesang, and Snoodyboo. The captains for NA are Team Liquid Goose, Rayditz, SpicyAppies, and Guubums. 

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Each captain selected three players for their team. Here are the eight teams competing in the TFT Mortdog Madness Neon Nights event.

NA TFT Mortdog Madness teams

Binoculars led by TL Goose

  • Aesah
  • Ramkev
  • Souless

Disney Fast Pass led by Rayditz

  • Inikoiniko
  • TL Robin
  • Sètsuko

SuskaygeBusiness led by SpicyAppies

  • Dishsoap
  • TL Kurumx
  • SpencerTFT

PPGod led by Guubums

  • BC Socks
  • C9 k3soju
  • Prestivent

EMEA TFT Mortdog Madness teams

AEG Gang led by Un33d

  • AEG Magarky
  • AEG PasDeBol
  • NES Qetzer

KC X Sly team led by Double 61

  • KC Canbizz
  • Sly L35 Coco
  • Sly Voltariux

Solvy Marximus led by Sologesang

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Marx
  • Slavyyy

SnoodyBoys led by Snoodyboo

  • Manutegaming
  • HolaSoySergio
  • Lezzaford