Here’s every highlight from the 11.12 TFT Patch Rundown

Not every balance change applied to Patch 11.12 was a success.

Image via Riot Games

Another large Teamfight Tactics update could be taking place in the upcoming Patch 11.13, targeting a number of areas that need improvement. 

Patch 11.12 came as an enormous update that applied changes to traits, critical strike damage, and overpowered/underpowered champions. Most adjustments succeeded at accomplishing the development team’s goals while other areas still need more work, according to Riot Kent and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Today’s 11.12 Patch Rundown covered some of these sore spots, like Bonus Armories, further revealing that the 11.13 Patch Preview may have been just a small tease of changes to come.

Critical strike damage nerf

The nerf to critical strike damage was widely debated with the release of TFT Patch 11.12. Mortdog and Kent stand by the adjustments but admit that attack damage itemization may have gotten worse. Over the course of Set Five, the team will continue to work on the issues presented, such as Infinity Edge, according to Kent. 


A number of chase traits were added in Patch 11.12, with the only slightly problematic trait being four Revenant, according to Kent. The Cavalier trait is still underperforming, according to Mortdog, while Kent feels that the other stronger comps are “drowning it out” during the early and mid-game stages. 

Mortdog called out a need to make the Monstrosity a better tank. The team agrees the Abomination changes were necessary and “healthy to create counterplay.” Another trait that needed some help is Skirmisher, with hints that buffs to Jax in Patch 11.13 will help improve the trait as a vertical TFT comp. 

The Dawnbringer trait has come under fire as being overpowered since its buff in Patch 11.12, but the TFT team feels the trait itself is in a good place. Problems associated with the Dawnbringer builds revolve around Karma and Garen, according to Mortdog and Kent. Mortdog backed his theory of Dawnbringers being in a good spot by noting that Riven builds weren’t a thing in the 11.12 meta, noting that it’s more of a champion problem than a trait one. 


A number of champions in Patch 11.12 were hit with some hard nerfs and reworks while others were buffed a little too much. Karma was one of the champs that overshot expectations, and adjustments are likely to occur in Patch 11.13. Adjustments applied to Kayle in 11.12 were a band-aid, according to Mortdog, who said she’s set to receive a number of changes in 11.13. 

The LeBlanc rework was a “necessary evil,” according to Mortdog, and the team feels she is in a good spot now. Other champs that are in a good spot include Lissandra, Vel’Koz, Vayne, and Hecarim. Mortdog hinted that some Forgotten changes could take place in 11.13 due to Vayne and Hecarim being too strong while receiving the Forgotten trait bonuses. 

Champions that are still on the weak side and need buffs include Jax, Aphelios, and Zyra. 


Mortdog and Kent said buffing Archangel Staff and Archdemon staff at the same time was a mistake that led to some unhealthy meta play at lower-ranked lobbies in TFT. Bloodthirster adjustments were also a mistake, according to Mortdog. Other item balance adjustments like Ionic Spark and Sacrificial Gauntlet are in a good spot.

Patch 11.13 is scheduled to release on June 23. Players can test out upcoming TFT balance changes via the PBE server prior to the release of the update.