Riot Mortdog teases TFT Armory balance changes in Patch 11.13

Stage 4-2 Armory has a chance of returning.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 11.12 introduced Bonus Armories to Teamfight Tactics Set Five, providing a fun environment but one that isn’t perfect and needs some adjusting, according to Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Riot Kent.

The TFT Set Five Bonus Armories introduced a chance of hitting extra Armories at certain stages while also providing consumables like Spatulas and Neeko’s Help. Complaints have often revolved around Loot Orb drops containing consumables like Reforger and Magnetic Remover, with fewer complaints directed at the Armories themselves. Bonus Armories have been rated by top-ranked players such as Kurumx as “fun” but not “competitive,” according to Mortdog in the TFT 11.12 Patch Rundown.

“The enhanced Armories themselves were a massive success,” Mortdog said. “I think they created some really fun moments that have been good. I do think we went too far on the availability of things like Spatulas, Neeko’s Help, emblems.”

Another possible change teased by Mortdog for Patch 11.13 was the Stage 4-2 Armory. The Armory at Stage 4-2 was removed in Patch 11.12, with both Mortdog and Kent expressing “sadness” over not having it as an option during gameplay.  

Bonus Armories aren’t perfect, according to the TFT balance team, who recognized the new system needs some more work. A number of changes are scheduled to occur in the upcoming 11.13 patch, such as a possible return of Stage 4-2 Armory and fewer consumables. Patch 11.13 is scheduled to release on June 23.