Here’s how TFT Set 5 Bonus Armory and regular Armories work

Utilize Armories to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

Armories are a system within Teamfight Tactics that were added specifically for Set Five. Several changes have been applied to the Armory system since the launch of Reckoning, including the addition of Bonus Armories. 

Set Five Reckoning introduced the Armory system to TFT, providing players with additional chances to obtain either Shadow or regular items. Changes to the system are scheduled to take place with Patch 11.12, providing players with the chance to acquire consumables and emblems via Bonus Armories—in addition to components, items, and spatulas. 

  • Stage 2-2: One Shadow component and one regular component.
  • Stage 3-2: One Shadow component and one regular component.
  • Stage 4-2: Removed as of patch 11.12.
  • Chance of Bonus Armory at Stage 4-2, 5-2, 6-2, or 7-2.

Bonus Armories can include consumables, spatulas, components, full items, or emblems for traits. Everyone gets the same quantity in an Armory, according to TFT game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, but not the same choices. Players can see three emblems in a Bonus Armory, for example. One player may have Abomination, Dawnbringer, and Hellion while another is given the options of Renewer, Revenant, and Nightbringer. 

Screengrab via TFT Patch 11.12 Rundown

Consumables are full items that were first introduced in Set 4.5 via Lucky Lanterns. The consumables players can get in Set Five via a Bonus Armory are either a Reforger, Neeko’s Help, Magnetic Remover, or a Loaded Dice. Emblems are completed trait spatula items. Components are items that can be combined with another item to form a full item or trait emblem.

Several changes were made to the Bonus Armory system in TFT patch 11.13, including an increase for players to see an Armory at Stage 4-2 and a reduction of consumable drops.

  • Two full items and two special items have been replaced with four full items.
  • Two components and two special items were adjusted to two components and two full items.
  • Chances of seeing a Stage 5-2 Armory have been decreased.
  • Chances of seeing a special item (Neeko’s Help, Loaded Dice, Spatula, Shadow Spatula) at Stage 5-2 Armory have been slightly reduced.
  • Chances of seeing a component or emblem at Stage 5-2 Armory have been greatly reduced.
  • Chances of seeing a full item at Stage 5-2 Armory have been slightly increased. 
  • Chances of seeing a special item at Stage 6-2 or 7-2 have been decreased. 
  • Chances of seeing a Stage 4-2 Armory have been increased.
  • Chances of seeing an emblem at Stage 4-2 Armory have been slightly decreased.
  • Chances of seeing components and full times at Stage 4-2 Armory have been slightly increased.

The earlier players see an emblem in a Bonus Armory, the more random the traits are, according to Mortdog. Late-game Bonus Armories increase the chance of dropping a TFT trait emblem that the player is running. Heading into TFT Patch 11.13, Mortdog released a chart showcasing the exact percentages at each Stage in which Bonus Armories drop within Set Five Reckoning.

Hyper Roll bonus armories may appear on Stage 5-2, 7-2, 9-2, or 10-2. Normal Armory rounds are getting shuffled due to the addition of Bonus Armories. Armories add an element of RNG and skill while creating “really cool moments,” according to Mortdog. Contents and stages in which TFT Armories drop are subject to change. Bonus Armory drops will hit live servers via Patch 11.12 on June 9.

Update June 20 1pm CT: This article was updated to reflect Bonus Armory changes taking place in TFT Patch 11.13.