Everything we know about Teamfight Tactics Set 3: Galaxies

It was nice knowing you, Rise of the Elements.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans have finally been given the inside scoop on what Set Three beholds—and it’s far out.

TFT developer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and communications strategist Blake “Beernana” Edwards revealed all about Set Three: Galaxies in a Dev Post yesterday.

Here’s everything we know about TFT Set Three: Galaxies.

When does Set Three release?

Mortdog previously hinted at Set Three’s release during his Dec. 31 Twitch stream, explaining that Rise of the Elements would last just as long as the first season.

In yesterday’s Dev Post, Mortdog confirmed that Set Three is expected to release sometime in Mid-March, which also appears to coincide with the autobattler’s mobile launch.

What classes and origins can we expect?

Thanks to Mortdog’s pun-filled statement in January, it was pretty clear that the Project, Star Guardian, Odyssey, and Pulsefire themes will be the inspiration for Set Three’s classes and origins. But it’s unclear how the synergies will work or what the trait bonuses will be.

Judging by the huge cast of champions that are a part of those skin themes, however, it’s possible that the bonuses can go up to six, or even nine, units.

Mortdog explained in yesterday’s Dev Post that Galaxies will put players in the middle of a League of Legends universe that spans “intergalactic war” and introduces “new champions, traits, skins, boards, Little Legends, and a new-set-wide mechanic.”

It’s unclear what classes and origins will join Set Three, but Star Guardians, Dark Stars, and Odysseys are just a few sensible estimates.

What champions will debut or make their return?

The Dev Video in January suggested that Project Fiora, Star Guardian Poppy, Odyssey Jinx, and Pulsefire Shen may enter Set Three’s roster. All four of those champions have entered the Convergence previously, but their abilities, classes, and origins will likely be different next season.

Though not much else has been revealed, we can hypothesize on future champions using the entire League skin lines as a reference.

Project Pyke, Leona, Zed, Lucian, Vi, Ashe, Vayne, Katarina, Yasuo, and Yi, for example, could all potentially be making a return to TFT in Set Three. And while Star Guardian Jinx might not enter TFT since she’ll likely be a part of the Odyssey Class, champions like Ahri and Lulu are liable to join the cast.

What else should we expect in Set Three?

The Hex system in Rise of the Elements is making a swift exit in Set Three, according to the Riot Devs. Instead, a new mechanic called “Galaxies” will be joining TFT.

While some games may be played with normal rulesets, others are expected to take players to a different galaxy with its own unique rules. A Neekoverse Galaxy, for instance, will start everyone with two Neeko’s Help items. 

Four-cost units will also be featured on the first carousel in Set Three. This should make it even more hectic and add an early-game power spike to TFT.