Teamfight Tactics Set 3 content will include Project, Star Guardian, Pulsefire, and space themes

The next set will be “out of this world.”

Image via Riot Games

Though we’re only halfway through Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements, a first look at the new Set Three content will make you over the moon with excitement.

Riot Games continues its week of reveals with a TFT preview today that gives fans a sneak peek into Set Three, slated for a mid-March release. In the Dev Video, TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer emphasized some keywords that will likely play a huge part in the autobattler’s third season.

“It’s a pretty large ‘project,’ but with so many ‘star’ champions in the League universe, it’s been a blast trying to figure out how to make ‘space’ for all of them,” Mortdog said. “Especially now that we’re getting our finger on the ‘pulse’ of what makes a good set.”

With each emphasized word, a picture of a potential Set Three champion was shown. Among the teased units were Project Fiora, Star Guardian Poppy, Odyssey Jinx, and Pulsefire Shen. It’s unclear what the new Origins and Class trait bonuses will be, but the game will likely be vastly different from Rise of the Elements.

Along with the first look at Set Three content, Riot revealed that the autobattler’s mobile version is scheduled to go live in March. The mobile iteration will be Android and iOS compatible and will be cross-platform compatible with PC in most regions.