Teamfight Tactics set to arrive on mobile in mid-March

It's about time.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics will be launching for mobile in March, Riot Games announced today. The League of Legends autobattler is planned to become available on iOS and Android devices in most countries.

The news comes from another one of Riot’s daily videos, which outlines its plan for 2020 across all of its games, including both League and Legends of Runeterra.

The mobile version of TFT will be fully cross-platform from the get-go, meaning anyone on PC and mobile can play against each other in most regions.

The mobile release should also coincide with the launch of TFT’s Set Three champions, which should include a host of new and returning champions in different themes based around League’s alternative universes, such as the PROJECT skin line, among others.

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Of course, there are still plenty of new features on the horizon for TFT as well as new game content, with key items planned to be reworked. Additionally, more boards will seemingly be buyable in the future.