Cultist Teamfight Tactics PBE tweaks buff scaling into late game

Invest in Cultist units to pop off with Galio.

Image via Riot Games

Adjustments made to Galio’s HP and attack damage on the Teamfight Tactics PBE may improve the comp’s late-game playability. 

Running three and six Cultists at the launch of Fates was popular due to the overpowering attack damage applied by Galio when he entered the battlefield. A nerf in TFT Patch 10.20 reduced Galio’s HP and AD at three Cultists, though, effectively removing the trait from competitive contention. In an effort to improve the comp’s long-term playability without letting it dominate the early game, changes to Gailio’s stats are being tested on the PBE—based on the star level of Cultist units summoning the demon lord. 

Galio’s base stats are no longer fixed on the PBE. His stats scale, gaining HP and AD based on the number of Cultists in play and their star level. Each one-star Cultist unit is equivalent to one stack. Two-star Cultist units equal two stacks, while a Chosen champion and three-star Cultist produce three stacks. A Reddit user broke down the breakpoints on the PBE compared to the live servers, along with the increase of Galio’s HP and AD per stack. 

  • Three Cultist: Galio has a base HP of 1,600 and 125 base AD. HP per stack is 120 and AD is 10/9. Breakpoints for both are at five stacks.
  • Six Cultist: Galio has a base HP of 1,750 and 184 base AD. HP per stack is 210 and AD is 22. Breakpoints for both are at 10 stacks.
  • Nine Cultist: Galio has a base HP of 2,500 and 352 base AD. HP per stack is 300 and AD is 48. The breakpoint for HP is 14 stacks and AD is 17 stacks. 

The tweaks to Galio are a nerf to players seeking to transition into Cultist during the mid and late game. But it’s a buff to the trait for players seeking to run six and nine Cultist, rolling down for key three-star units like Pyke and Kalista. Throw in a Chosen Cultist, like Aatrox, and a 25-stack Galio will have an HP of 10,000 with 1,552 attack damage.

Balance changes made on the PBE are tentative and subject to change. If the Cultist tweaks to Galio ship in TFT Patch 10.21 on Oct. 14, the trait may have a chance of competing against dominant late-game comps like Moonshine, Brawler/Ashe, and Duelists.