Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.20: Full notes and updates

Fates' first patch is here.

Image via Riot Games

The theme for this week’s Teamfight Tactics patch is more buffs and fewer nerfs. Underperforming one-cost and two-cost champions are getting buffed in Patch 10.20, while others like Xin Zhao and Jinx are getting their spell interactions smoothed out.

A Combat Recap upgrade displaying defensive stats is also coming to the game, alongside a few item adjustments and a long list bug fixes. Additionally, a systems change that reduces the number of four-cost champions available at level eight will be making its way to TFT.

Here’s the full list of changes coming on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Systems and UI

Combat recap

The combat recap panel has new capabilities and will now display total damage blocked, shields, and healing for your team.

Round timer

Riot removed the extra five seconds of planning per round for the start of each Set.

Champion shop

Riot is dialing down the frequency of three-star tier four champions showing up at level eight to make sure that their rarity is more appropriate.

  • Champion probability by tier at level 8: 14/20/35/25/6 percent to 14/25/35/20/6 percent


  • Titan’s Resolve max stacks: 50 to 25
  • Hand of Justice damage and healing: 50 percent to 45 percent

General balance


General balance

  • Cultist (3) Tyrant Galio: Attack Damage: 150 to 125
  • Cultist (3) Tyrant Galio: Health: 1800 to 1600
  • Dusk Team Spell Power: 20/20/50 to 20/20/40
  • Dusk Spell Power: 0/50/75 to 0/50/70
  • Keeper Shield: 175/250/325 to 175/250/400
  • Mage Spell Power: 70/110/180 percent to 80/110/180 percent
  • Spirit Attack Speed: 35 percent/90 percent to 35 percent/80 percent


Increased the approximate gold value of Fortune three at all levels and also removed the “All Gold” drops at higher levels of losses. Spatulas can also drop from 5+ losses.

  • Zero losses: Two gold to three gold
  • One loss: 4.5 gold to 6.5 gold
  • Two losses: Eight gold to 11.5 gold
  • Three losses: 13 gold to 17 gold
  • Four losses: 18.5 gold to 24 gold
  • Five losses: 23.5 gold to 31 gold
  • Six losses: 29 gold to 38 gold
  • Seven losses: 35 gold to 45 gold
  • Eight losses: 41.5 gold to 55 gold
  • Nine losses: 55 gold to 70 gold

Riot has also generally increased the payouts from the Fortune six loot table:

  • Average value: 9.25 gold to 10.25 gold
  • Removed the all Gold drop
  • Added a Spatula drop
  • Added a very rate “Jackpot” that includes lots of items


One-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Diana number of orbs: 3/4/6/10 to 4/5/6/10
  • Lissandra 1000 daggers damage: 300/400/600/900 to 350/450/600/900
  • Lissandra 1000 daggers second damage: 150/200/300/450 to 175/225/300/450
  • Nami Aqua Prison stun duration: 2/2.5/3 to 2.5/3/4 seconds
  • Vayne attack speed: 0.8 to 0.9

Two-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Annie burst shield damage: 200/300/450 to 250/350/450
  • Annie burst shield: 400/600/900 to 500/700/900
  • Aphelios turret duration: 6/7/9/11 to 7/8/9/11
  • Hecarim Spirit of Life healing: 250/350/500 to 250/400/600
  • Jax attack speed: 0.65 to 0.75
  • Jax starting/total mana: 50/125 to 50/100

Three-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Jinx’s spell is now an actual spell instead of an auto-attack override
  • Xin Zhao total mana: 50 to 30
  • Xin Zhao’s spell now properly flows through the basic attack system. He no longer heals from Hextech Gunblade but instead benefits from Bloodthirster. Additionally, his spell cast will count as a single attack for Statikk Shiv and Rageblade
  • Yuumi Zoomies healing: 30/45/60 percent to 30/45/75 percent
  • Yuumi Zoomies attack speed: 30/40/50 to 30/40/60 percent
  • Veigar now targets lowest current health instead of lowest percent health
  • Veigar Butterfly Blast damage: 500/650/1150 to 500/650 1000
  • Veigar Butterfly Blast spell power gain on kill: 1/2/5 to 1/2/4

Four-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Riven Sweeping Strikes shield: 175/250/1000 to 175/250/750
  • Riven Sweeping Strikes damage: 180/250/1000 to 175/250/750
  • Riven Sweeping Strikes wave damage: 300/450/2000 to 300/450/1500
  • Shen armor: 50 to 60
  • Shen starting/total mana: 60/125 to 50/100
  • Shen Shadow Dash shield and taunt duration: 4/4/4 to 4/4/8 seconds

Five-cost champions

Image via Riot Games
  • Lee Sin total mana: 50 to 40
  • Sett starting/total mana: 50/125 to 70/175
  • Yone total mana: 100 to 80
  • Zilean can no longer cast his ultimate on himself. He may still cast on other Zileans


  • Luden’s Echo damage: 180 to 200
  • Statikk Shiv damage: 80 to 85
  • Statikk Shiv bonus damage: 80 to 85
  • Sunfire Cape burn damage cadence: One second to two seconds

Bug fixes

  • Aphelios’ turrets will now die exactly when he dies instead of lingering for up to .24 seconds.
  • Sett will no longer casually walk back onto the stage only to disappear when knocked out by Lee Sin.
  • Yone can now properly cast Unforgiven while Disarmed.
  • Thresh, Warwick, and XinZhao’s clickboxes have been extended vertically to better represent the size of the units.
  • Nami’s CC can no longer be overridden by other knock-up effects (like Lulu).
  • Vi can now cast her spell at long range when equipped with a Rapid Firecannon.
  • Azir’s Soldiers no longer have 5.00 Attack Speed which could cause units to target them with their spells.
  • Lee Sin will no longer knockout units who are immune to CC.