C9 k3soju and sètsuko top first TFT Set 6 NA ladder snapshot

Veteran players rank at the top with unknowns on their heels.

TFT Set 6 Yuumi
Image via Riot Games

Wisdom and Riot Games revealed the first Teamfight Tactics Set Six ladder snapshot for North America today, with Cloud9 k3soju and sètsuko ranking first and second.

The road to TFT Set Six Worlds within North America began last weekend with the Piltover Cup. Next up is the Zaun Cup and Challenger series, in which players will qualify to compete based on ladder rankings, qualifier points, and top finishes at a previous qualifier. Top ladder rankings can also qualify players to compete in the TFT Set Six Regional Finals based on ladder snapshots—and the first snapshot was released today. 

Here are the top 10 TFT North American players for the first NA ladder snapshot of Set Six.

  • First: k3soju with 25 points
  • Second: sètsuko with 20 points
  • Third: 006400T with 18 points
  • Fourth: Liquid Goose with 17 points
  • Fifth: Liquid Robin with 16 points
  • Sixth: plumbum with 15 points
  • Seventh: Milk Guy (Delicious Milk) with 14 points
  • Eighth: Dishsoap with 13 points
  • Ninth: Tsmmaa with 12 points
  • Tenth: Cottontail with 11 points

Both C9 k3soju and sètsuko missed the top-two cut at the Piltover Cup but still made it to the final day and are on the path to qualify for the TFT Set Six Regional Finals. Dishsoap, who earned 13 points for their seventh-place ranking for the first NA ladder snapshot, also made the final day at the Piltover Cup. 

With each TFT Set Six ladder snapshot, players are awarded points based on their rank. The top two ladder point earners from Set Six and 6.5 will qualify to compete at the Regional Finals from March 12 to 13.

The next NA Set Six TFT snapshot will take place on Nov. 24 at 2:01am CT and the next qualifier will be the Challenger Series from Jan. 8 to 9.