Best TFT Set 6 comps at PBE Clash

A number of champions and trait synergies showcased meta potential for Set Six.

The best Teamfight Tactics players from around the globe showcased the best Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets comps at the PBE Clash.

Running from Oct. 21 to 24, PBE Clash was a Set Six early access event containing top players from every TFT region. A total of 64 tacticians competed during the first two days, with the top eight advancing to the main broadcast. The winners joined 16 invited players that included TFT World champions and veterans. Competitors tested out playstyles from multiple regions, showcasing what the TFT Set Six meta might look like when Gizmos & Gadgets launches on Nov. 3.

Top TFT comps showcased during PBE Clash are subject to change prior to launch, with several patches scheduled to take place in the week leading up to the Gizmos & Gadgets official release. This includes the new Set Six mechanic Hextech Augments, and senior game designer James “Riot Statikk” Bach announced during the PBE Clash broadcast that Wise Spending will get a nerf.

Re-roll TFT comps like Protector and Yordle failed to pop off at the PBE Clash, unable to compete against four and five-cost champions during the late game stages. The Scrap trait proved strong during the early game, often requiring some form of transition due to falling off quickly as other players leveled up at Stage 3-2. And the Bruiser trait held up at all stages, providing that beefy frontline for backline carriers.

Set Six items like Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge were especially strong on any TFT damage carry, while Last Whisper and Giant Slayer proved useful during the late-game stages against beefy frontline units. 

Usage of Set Six Hextech Augments ranged from players ditching their choices to squeezing out wins and top-four finishes with some creative uses. Hearts helped bring about synergies that proved useful during all stages. Phony Frontline worked as a solid early-game choice, providing flexibility. Exiles was another strong early-game choice, while Stand United proved strong in the late game with Yuumi and Jayce incorporated into the best TFT comps. 

4 Challenger Yone Carry

No longer a synergy bot, Fiora tore up enemy teams as a carry with four Challenger. She suffered slightly without some form of healing and could use Quicksilver well with all the late-game crowd control. Yone also proved to be a solid Challenger carry. Defensive items are more common on Yone, but players can also add damage items depending on the lobby meta. 

Chemtech remains a top trait option during the late game and works well as a secondary trait. Urgot is a solid carry, scaling with damage, along with Jhin, who also activates Clockwork with Orianna for speed and power. Dr. Mundo is a must on the frontline using tank items, while Lissandra is a powerful synergy unit that works as a carry during the early-game stages. 

GV8 5 Mutant Kai’Sa Carry

Mutant is another strong trait to fill out, using either Kog’Maw or Kai’Sa as a main carry with Cho’Gath as a secondary carry. Lux is still meta-worthy as a primary carrier under the right circumstances, and Jayce proved his five-cost worth as both a frontline and backline carry.

The best TFT late-game carriers at the PBE Clash were Jhin, Jayce, Kai’Sa, Urgot, Sion, and Fiora. Comps with strong frontlines often used Dr. Mundo, Braum, or a Colossus unit as a secondary carrier. Jinx and Vi are powerful together for a top-four finish, while Viktor is a solid option to add during the late game to squeeze out a solid lobby finish. Janna and Orianna are solid synergy bots with Orianna providing a powerful crowd control burst when placed on the frontline.

Set Six will officially launch on Nov. 3. The best TFT comps showcased at PBE Clash are subject to balance changes prior to the release of Gizmos & Gadgets.

All Screengrabs via Riot Games