How to play Urgot in TFT Set 8

Use Undertow to your advantage in late-game comps.

Image via Riot Games

Urgot has returned to Teamfight Tactics for Set Eight Monster’s Attack!, showing off a new ability that isn’t just about firing a wave of bullets at enemies. 

The last time Urgot appeared in TFT was during Set Six, featuring an ability that dealt physical damage while scaling with attack damage and attack speed. Set Eight Urgot looks the same but has a very different ability. The five-cost legendary champion still fires basic attacks off quickly but also has a spell that can hit numerous enemies while stunning them and digging up gold for your team. 

Urgot TFT Set Eight champion ability 

Urgot has a passive ability and a spell called Undertow. The passive fires five attacks per second, with each dealing physical damage. Undertow is a wave that gets summoned behind enemy units that are in front of Urgot, spanning several Hexes in width. 

The Undertow wave knocks enemies forward one Hex, potentially in the range of Urgot’s passive if positioned correctly, while also stunning the enemy units. Each time Urgot casts his Undertow spell, there is a chance for him to “dredge” up a treasure chest full of gold.

Players have a lower chance of pulling an Urgot Hero Augment because it’s a five-cost unit. The carry option grabs more gold and is a great option while the support Augment can help boost your team’s ability power and attack speed.

Urgot TFT Set Eight items

There are a variety of item options for Urgot. The most popular is to equip the Set Eight champion with AD items like Last Whisper and Deathblade. Players can also run the AP items like Spear of Shojinl in conjunction with defensive items to ensure the legendary five-cost gets off multiple casts. 

The standard build for Urgot as a Threat champion typically includes an Infinity Edge for a critical strike chance, along with Giant Slayer now that the item grants AD and AP. And the third item can be anything that fits with a player’s end-game strategy. Putting a Star Guardian emblem on Urgot can reap massive amounts of gold. 

Urgot TFT Set Eight synergies

Urgot is a Threat champion in TFT Set Eight, having no trait synergies. As a Threat unit, Urgot is slightly stronger stat-wise than the other five-cost units. As a Threat unit, Urgot is an ideal champion to toss in at level eight or nine as a secondary carry. 

Getting an Urgot early from the shop can help players hit level nine, using the gold that is dredged up in treasure chests. Urgot is powerful as a Threat but shouldn’t be the primary carrier in an end-game TFT Set Eight comp. Players should prioritize getting gold from the legendary or using his Undertow spell to slow down enemy teams.