XQc claims OTV and Friends Rust RP server will return in July

Team Rocket could be back.

Screengrab via xQc

Despite being banned from GTA RP server NoPixel 3.0 earlier this week, it appears xQc’s days of roleplaying aren’t yet over. The streamer claimed today the OTV and Friends Rust server is set to return in July.

During xQc’s recent 21-hour stream, he said he’d been in contact with Abe, the member of OTV responsible for running the original server, and had been asked if he was interested in playing Rust once again.

The server will be back in July, according to xQc. The original OTV and Friends Rust server was a massive hit and the team had plans to bring the server back earlier, however, the successful launch of NoPixel 3.0 seemingly changed those plans after many streamers took their RP to GTA.

Since early February, NoPixel 3.0 has since seen many of Twitch’s biggest stars leave or take a break from the server. XQc, after multiple bans, was permanently banned earlier this week.

Similarly, during his time on the initial OTV and Friends Rust server, xQc was involved in his fair share of controversy, including his aggressive playstyle and frequent breaking of server rules.

Regardless, xQc has provided some of the most popular RP content on Twitch. And with the return of Rust RP, fans can expect more. Currently, there’s no exact date for when the server will go live, but we should have more information in the coming month.