XQc shares his RP plans for the new OTV and Friends Rust server

The server goes live on Jan. 7.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After a week full of highlights and content provided by xQc and other streamers on the recent OTV and Friends Rust server, the former Overwatch League pro is planning to take a new approach on the server’s next iteration.

During his recent stream, xQc talked about being a part of the roleplaying-focused server that’s set to be launched on Jan. 7. He even explained what he thinks his role may entail, including potentially being either a gunsmith, scientist, or show host.

What xQc did well on the previous server was bring along intense combat situations with a heavy focus on PvP action. He plans to continue this style within the bounds of the rules on the upcoming server, juggling multiple ideas including being a gunsmith or hosting a battle arena for other players to compete inside.

During his time on the previous OTV and Friends server, xQc’s playstyle was disliked by some players who felt it was part of the reason why an RP-focused server needed to be made. Other streamers, though, embraced and enjoyed the combat-heavy approach that xQc bought to the game.

Overall, xQc’s biggest plan is to prove the doubters wrong and show a new side of himself on this upcoming server.