Trainwreck says Kick’s future signings will ‘devastate the industry’

The platform isn't done making moves.

Trainwreck talking to fans in his apartment.
Image via Trainwreck on Twitch

Trainwreck teased major developments for Kick today, hinting at upcoming signings that could have a huge impact on the streaming industry.

The streaming star’s surprise announcement, made via a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Nov. 14, has sparked a lot of speculation about who he might be talking about.

Kick’s founding streamer promised the platform would be making new signings that he believes will “devastate the industry” and help create a “natural ecosystem of viewership.” The move is aimed at supporting hardworking small to midsize creators, suggesting it’s part of a bigger plan to help the platform and its community grow.

Adding to the excitement, Trainwreck also announced the return of the SCUFFED Podcast after its latest hiatus. This popular streaming show, which he has been hosting on and off since 2019, is another big draw for Kick.

Kick has been actively signing Twitch streamers as part of its strategy to become the top dog in the streaming space. The biggest signing has been xQc, with NICKMERCS a close second. It’s also added other popular streamers like Adin Ross, Amouranth, and YouRAGE to its stable.

Kick has since established itself as a strong competitor to Twitch and YouTube. Signing massive stars, even though they don’t only stream on Kick, is a huge deal for the platform. If what Trainwreck says is true and it signs a few more in the coming months, Kick may become the number one place for both big streamers and smaller ones too.

People are wondering who Kick might sign next. Some think it could be Dr Disrespect, the uncrowned king of YouTube. He might cost a lot of money to sign, though.

Also, Twitch changed some rules, so now the Doc could go back there if he wants after they banned him for reasons we don’t know. It’s going to be exciting to see if he stays on YouTube, moves to Twitch, or goes to Kick.

All eyes will be on Train and Kick to see how their next moves will reshape the industry.


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