Top Twitch Channel, July:  xQc reclaims throne

Back in the saddle agian.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

XQc was back at the top of Twitch in July, expanding on his lead for 2022 overall. After the first seven months of the year, the platform’s top creator has 153 million hours watched, about 50 million more than Gaules in second place.

Although July had a few large-scale esports events, content creators still reigned supreme on the platform accounting for a majority of the most-watched channels. Even when it came to VCT Masters, co-streams by popular VALORANT streamer Tarik outperformed the main broadcast for the event by Riot.

Here are the most-watched Twitch channels from July, according to data from Streams Charts.

Image via Streams Charts

Most-watched Twitch streamer: xQc

The month after ibai stole the top spot on Twitch with his special boxing event, xQc regained dominance over the platform, posting nearly twice as many hours watched than any other channel. XQc’s 19.6 million hours watched might be down slightly from last month’s 20.8 million, but no other content creator even came remotely close to him this time around. 

Perhaps the most significant element of his success was his dedication to streaming. His 313 hours of airtime in July was second to no other content creator in the top 10. The only channel to even surpass the mark was ESL’s CS:GO channel, which is esports-centric and includes re-run broadcasts.

The only content creator to post more hours of airtime than xQc in the top 20 most-watched was Summit1g who recorded 376 hours of airtime. Summit only ranked 13th among most-watched channels with 6.34 million hours watched, though.

Most-watched esports channel: ESL

ESL’s English-language CS:GO channel was the top esports channel on Twitch in July due largely to IEM Cologne 2022. The event ran from July 5 through July 17, and across all platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and NimoTV) it posted 25.83 million hours watched in more than 93 hours of live airtime, according to Esports Charts.

A large part of the event’s success came from the English-language ESL broadcasts on Twitch. Meanwhile, the channel was complemented by re-run broadcasts that helped the channel produce more than twice the overall airtime of any channel in the top 20.