TimTheTatman is bummed he can’t play with Dr Disrespect

"I don't make the rules."

Screengrab via TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect weren’t the type of streamers who had a history of playing with one another on a daily basis. But today on Tim’s stream, he expressed how he misses being able to play with the now-banned streamer.

Doc was banned on Twitch for still-unknown reasons just over a month ago and the platform hasn’t disclosed why. Furthermore, Dr Disrespect revealed in interviews earlier this month that he doesn’t know why he’s banned either.

While the mystery continues, content creators like TimTheTatman can’t help but miss playing with Dr Disrespect.

“Because he’s banned on Twitch, I can’t technically play with him, and you know, he’s my buddy,” he said. “But I don’t make the rules, bro, unfortunately. In the words of Doc, it’s out of my hands.”

Tim and Dr Disrespect weren’t playing partners on a regular basis, largely due to their conflicting streaming schedules, but they spent a fair share of time teaming up together off and on when their schedules happened to overlap.

Based on Tim’s response to chat questions regarding Dr Disrespect, he doesn’t seem to know exactly why Doc is banned. But it’s fairly clear that he misses being able to create content and joke around with the hilariously narcissistic persona.

In the past month, Dr Disrespect has made just a few social media posts. Most notably, he made a video on Twitter of him singing “it’s out of my hands, but I’m still in control.”

Around the same time, Dr Disrespect made a round of interviews with various publications, claiming he wasn’t sure why he was banned and was “dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety.”