TimTheTatman finds Dr Disrespect-branded controller on the day of Doc’s return to streaming

Tim didn't see it coming.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/timthetatman

TimTheTatman decided that he was going to experiment on his stream today and play Call of Duty: Warzone on a controller to see how effective things like aim assist truly are. But as he started to prepare, he was given quite the surprise. 

Rummaging through his video game-related belongings, Tim said he found one unopened Vantage2 package from Scuf Gaming. The controller was released on Oct. 14, 2019 and has since sold out on the company’s website. But somehow, Tim happened to have one.

Learning everything as he went along, Tim started to open the packaging for his PlayStation-style controller. And it was only then that he realized where the device came from: Dr Disrespect.

“Guys, you’re not going to believe this,” he said while looking at the controller before showing it to his stream. “I swear this isn’t scripted, I’ve never opened this. Look whose it is. I swear to god I’ve never opened that box, bro. Doc must have sent me this. Wow, what are the odds of that?”

Given the stickers and packaging still on the controller, it was clear that Tim was being truthful. And considering the ambiguous nature of the packaging that only had Scuf branding, it makes sense that Tim would be surprised to find Dr Disrespect’s branded controller.

The timing of Tim’s controller stream and the Dr Disrespect-branded controller couldn’t have come at a more hilariously coincidental moment, assuming it is just a coincidence. Dr Disrespect, who was permanently banned from Twitch in June, went live on YouTube for the first time yesterday as a part of what appeared to be some sort of test stream. 

While the Doc hasn’t made an appearance on the stream himself, the broadcast, which started 20 hours ago, reached more than 330,000 concurrent viewers at one point. It’s now sitting at around 35,000 viewers who are all listening to a pre-recording that the Doc made imitating a radio DJ with a graphic of a gas station in the background.

Though Tim claims he didn’t intentionally bring Dr Disrespect branding onto his stream today, the use of Doc’s red and black Scuf controller certainly pays dividends for Dr Disrespect and Scuf Gaming, who are still in partnership with Doc. 

On Dr Disrespect’s YouTube page, he has a link to his official Scuf Gaming webpage where “2x” related items can be purchased. Even if Dr Disrespect only gave the controller to Tim as a kind gesture in the past, just one clip has given him and Scuf exposure that’s worth more than the controller’s value. Tim opened the packaging in front of around 55,000 viewers.

After opening the package on stream, some people were requesting that Tim play with Dr Disrespect, who’s set to stream on YouTube this afternoon. Tim said he won’t be able to, however, because of Doc’s ban on the platform.

Though Tim can’t play with Dr Disrespect in-game, according to Twitch’s account enforcements page, the use of a Dr Disrespect controller and/or showing it off doesn’t appear to be something that Twitch can punish Tim for. The rules say a banned streamer can’t “appear” or “participate” in another’s channel. Tim using and talking about the controller to viewers might get someone from Twitch in his ear, but it doesn’t seem to be something that he could get banned for.