‘Suddenly it’s too far’: Disguised Toast reacts to FaZe Rain’s ‘OG’ complaints

Toast reacts to FaZe's infighting,

Disguised Toast in front of an Alienware laptop.
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May 2023 has been a tough month in a seemingly never-ending crisis coming from FaZe Clan, with Rain recently making waves after leaking and then complaining about Grace Van Dien’s signing. Both camps have seen a lot of back and forth in the last week, with popular streamer DisguisedToast weighing in to support the new FaZe signee.

In a clip from his stream, Toast can be first heard sympathizing with FaZe Rain about seeing something you love change before stating that the esports competitor is being a little hypocritical. As the streamer points out, Rain has repeatedly signed with the organization to re-up his contract through multiple transitions ahead of FaZe’s Grace Van Dien signing.

Specifically, Toast points out that Rain has stuck it out, and he’s been a part of Faze for the entire time, to his credit. However, that also means that he was also around during all of the organization’s worst history as well, something that Rain has often championed as the “OG” FaZe Clan. As Toast says, “You guys were also part of FaZe when you were shilling crypto coins.”

“And now, suddenly it’s too far.” He continues, “When you guys sign ‘The girl from Stranger Things.’ That’s going too far!” Toast then once again points out that they were scamming kids with no big rift in the organization, but hiring an actress and very popular streamer is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the “OG” FaZe members.

Rain has also come forward in the last month to criticize another popular streamer in FaZe, NICKMERCS, who was hired in 2019.

“It’s not an overnight thing,” Toast finishes, reiterating his point that Rain has likely had the opportunity to negotiate these changes or otherwise leave when he felt things were going the wrong way. Toast implies that his choice to stay despite these changes is a willful decision and one he and FaZe’s leadership both make willingly.


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